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‘We Still Have Cash’ for ‘I Still Do’

For those of you Juab County residents who are interested in taking part in the ‘I Still Do Challenge’—there is still time and cash available for more couples to join us.  Sign up at the Extension office and pick up your own ‘I Still Do’ activity card and Utah Marriage Handbook. 
What is the ‘I Still Do Challenge?’  This marriage activity is designed to help couples have fun spending time together and nurture their relationship.  Once you have completed 10 activities or more, including a 1 page ‘So What Difference Did This Make’ paper, bring the card to the Utah State University Juab County Extension Office for a $20 cash award.  An extra cash award of $5 will be given to participating couples who each complete the exit survey.  Completed Activity Cards and surveys are due at the Extension office by April 30th, 2013, 5 p.m.  The activities need to be done with spouse only (no kids).  Couples must be at least 18 years old to participate. 
TheUtah Marriage Handbook is designed to share helpful information and provide important keys, tips and activities to achieve a successful marriage/relationship.  Try out some of the tips in the weeks, months and years ahead. 
The following is an example of an activity from the Utah Marriage Handbook:
Show your spouse DAILY how much you care.  Interestingly, it is not the big, grandiose displays of love and affection that keep a marriage strong.  It is the daily, small, positive behaviors and habits that work best. 
Researchers have even discovered a formula among healthy couples:  there are five positive behaviors for every one negative behavior in relationships.  Often, when couples struggle in a relationship, it is not necessarily that there are lots more negative behaviors—it is that they have lost the many daily kind and thoughtful behaviors and routines that existed in the early part of their relationship.
As daily physical exercise builds strong bodies, there are some daily relationship exercises that build strong marriages.  Post these exercises on the refrigerator and try them.  Coupes report amazing results.
Exercise 1:  Before saying goodbye to your spouse in the morning, learn about one important thing that’s happening in his or her life that day.  This will break the habit of inattention that eventually turns couples into strangers.  (2 minutes per day)
Exercise 2:  Decompress after work by discussing the most stressful parts of your day.  This will prevent job frustration from spilling over into your home life.  Also share your joys and successes.  When it is your spouse’s turn to talk, resist the urge to give advice.  Instead, be supportive and say you understand.  Be a cheerleader for the joys and the challenges.  (20 minutes per day)
Exercise 3:  Once a day, spontaneously tell your spouse you appreciate something he or she has done or that you admire a certain quality in him or her.  (5 minutes per day)
Exercise 4:  Show affection outside the bedroom by occasionally kissing or touching.  (5 minutes per day.)
Exercise 5:  Plan a date once a week, just like when you were single.  Go someplace—just the two of you—and get reacquainted with each other.  (Once a week for at least 2 hours)
Other great resources are,,,, and

Making positive and sustainable impacts on current and future marriages is more likely to occur when the community is actively engaged.  Please join USU Extension, the Utah Marriage Initiative, and Governor Gary Herbert as we work together in strengthening marriages and promoting healthy relationships in Juab County. 


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