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Strengthening Relationships in Juab

 Utah State University Extension and the Commission on Marriage are committed to continue providing marriage education and relationship strengthening services as part of the Utah Healthy Marriage Initiative.  The mission of this initiative is to help Utahans gain greater access to services where they can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to form and sustain a healthy marriage relationship.         

National Marriage Week is scheduled for February 7-14, 2013. In celebration of this event, USU Extension in Juab County is promoting ‘Healthy Relationships’ month with the following local activities:
Third Annual “I Still Do” Challenge
Beginning February 4th, come to the Extension Office, 160 North Main, Nephi for your free Marriage Handbook, sign up for this couples relationship enrichment, and pick up your “I Still Do” Activity Card:  “This marriage/relationship challenge is designed to help couples have fun spending time together and nurture their relationship.  Once you have completed 10 activities or more (including a 1 page ‘So What’ paper), and filled out the survey, you will receive a participation incentive ($25/couple).”  Participants must be 18 years and over.  Quantities are limited, so call 623-3450 to reserve your spot.
Ladies Love School
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, plan a ladies ‘day out’ at the first annual Ladies Love School sponsored by USU Extension.  This is a professionally developed curriculum aimed at helping individuals make informed decisions in their dating relationships, learning how to avoid common mistakes. Come solo, or with your girlfriend, neighbor, mom/daughter, aunt/niece, or grandma/granddaughter on Saturday, February 9, from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm in the Juab County Center Cultural Hall, 160 North Main, Nephi.  This FREE class includes lunch, course material, and great relationship tools.  Register by calling 623-3450 or for more information email  There are great prizes to be given away, so don’t miss out.  Must be 16 years of age or older to participate.
‘Healthy Dating and Relationship’ Month at JHS
Healthy relationship activities will be held at Juab High School throughout the month of February.  Student Body Officers will provide ‘Dating and Relationship’ education with supplemental curriculum to the student body each day, via ‘Tip of the Day’ and ‘Do‘s and Don’ts’, through announcements and other activities such as Breakfast Date, Steal My Heart Challenge, Valentine’s Dance, Relationship Assembly, and the Chocolate ‘Kiss’ Relationship Project. Students may also participate in the ?Healthy Relationship Essay and Video contest where twenty winners selected will receive $20 cash.
Healthy marriages and healthy families create healthy communities—something we all want.  The Utah Marriage Handbook is designed to share helpful information and provide important keys, tips and activities to achieve a successful marriage/relationship.  Try out some of the tips in the weeks, months and years ahead. 
The following is one example of an activity from the Utah Marriage Handbook:  Frequently ask your spouse about his or her thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  You may know a lot of things about your spouse already, but always striving to more deeply know your spouse can positively affect your marriage.  The more a spouse is aware of the details of the other person’s world (his or her stressors, hopes, likes, and dislikes), the better the marriage.  Knowing your spouse will lead to a strong friendship—the true key to a long-lasting, healthy marriage.
Test how well you know your spouse by answering the following true or false questions. 
I know my spouse’s favorite movie.
I know my spouse’s most stressful childhood event.
I know my spouse’s most embarrassing moment.
I know what my spouse would do if he or she won the lottery.
I know what my spouse’s ideal job would be.
I know my spouse’s ideal place to live.
I know the things that currently cause my spouse stress.
I know the names of the people that have irritated my spouse recently.
I know some of my spouse’s life dreams.
I feel like my spouse knows me pretty well.
If you were able to answer true to more than half of the questions, you know your spouse fairly well.  If not, take some time to find the answers to these and other important questions about your spouse.  It will improve your friendship and your commitment to your spouse.  Share the answers on your list with your spouse, and don’t feel badly if you didn’t know a lot of things.  Use this as an opportunity to share with each other.  Enjoy the conversation, and make it a regular part of your time together.
Other great resources are,,,, and
Making positive and sustainable impacts on current and future marriages is more likely to occur when the community is actively engaged.  Please join USU Extension, the Utah Marriage Initiative, and our local partners as we work together in strengthening marriages and promoting healthy relationships in Juab County.


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