Zone 5. Medium sized round fruit. Golden-yellow skin with attractive red blush. Non-browning, sweet yellow flesh is firm and smooth textured. Excellent for canning, freezing, and fresh eating. Redhaven is the standard by which all early peaches are judged. The tree is vigorous and early bearing. Self fertile.

Zone 5. Large, nearly round fruit with a highly colored skin, which is almost fuzzless. Firm, yellow flesh with a pleasant flavor.Superior for canning and freezing. Self fertile.

Red Globe-
Zone 5. A very large round peach. Skin is a highly blushed red over a golden color.  Firm, yellow flesh with excellent sweet flavor.  Red Goble is one of the most attractive peaches of the season.  Excellent for fresh eating, canning, or freezing.  Self-fertile.

Canadian Harmony-
Zone 5. A medium to large peach with an 80% bright red blush when fully ripe. Yellow moderately firm, non-browning flesh. Superb sweet flavor. Excellent for fresh eating. A very hardy, productive variety. Self fertile.

Early Elberta-
Zone 5. Large golden yellow peach with very little or no blush. Golden yellow flesh with rich, sweet flavor. Excellent for fresh eating and canning. The most popular variety in our area.

Zone 5. Large, golden yellow fruit blushed with red. Firm, rich, sweet, yellow flesh. Excellent for fresh eating and canning. Hardy and productive. Self Fertile.

J.H. Hale-
Zone 5. Extra large, round fruit with golden skin mostly covered with a brilliant red blush. Sweet, firm, yellow flesh. Requires pollination from another variety. Great for shipping and canning. A very popular late peach.