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    Tasha Killian

    Tasha Killian is the new Utah State University Extension Instructor for Juab County with an assignment over Family and Consumer Sciences, Health and Wellness and 4-H and youth programming. She is currently finishing her master’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences at Utah State University. Once that is completed in May, she will be an Extension Assistant Professor. Tasha was born in Logan, Utah and although she grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tasha has always been an Aggie at heart. As soon as she could, she moved back to Logan, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Family and Consumer Sciences at USU. Working to help families reach their greatest potential has always been a passion of Tasha’s and she plans to continue to build on that passion through programming and courses taught here in Juab County. She is excited to work in the newly added aspect of her position – health and wellness. In this aspect, she plans to spend time focusing on mental health issues. In May she will attend a training to become mental health first aid certified. She plans to bring aspects of this training back to the county and to share it with youth and adults to help raise awareness of mental health issues as well as teach skills about how to correctly respond to those issues. She plans to partner with agencies who are already working in the areas of mental health to strengthen the county’s approach to combating mental health issues. Tasha is excited to get to know the youth of the county and to work with 4-H. She plans to build on the foundation that exists in the county and continue to expand the programs that are currently offered. She wants to implement programs that embody the spirit of 4-H by giving youth the opportunity to learn by doing and teaching their peers. She knows there are a lot of youth in the county with much to offer and is excited to see how they can become leaders in their community. Lastly, an overarching goal Tasha has for Juab County is to provide more online education programs so that the reach of Extension can make it to all who want to learn. She understands that it isn’t always practical to come into the office for a course and that as technology has advanced, the way we teach and learn also needs to advance.  When Tasha is not working she can be found off-roading, hiking, going to arcades, spending time outdoors, and being the favorite aunt to her nieces and nephews. She is excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity to meet and learn from members of the community as they attend programs and community events and can’t wait to get to work in Juab County!


    Family and Consumer Sciences goals are to enhance economic opportunities and quality of life among families and communities. FCS supports this goal by focusing on how individuals and families obtain and use resources such as money, time, human capital, material resources, and community services.


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