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    What is 4-H Teen Council?

    The 4-H Teen Council is an organization for girls and boys that engages youth in positive personal and team building activities and events. Activities are structured in a fun and engaging manner to teach specific skills for personal development and are designed to encourage youth to then lead other youth to further personal growth and success.


    Being able to teach, practice and focus on the three skills emphasized (leadership, service, and relationships) in a safe, positive, social and fun environment can help shape a successful future for your child.

    Teen Council is the county 4-H leadership organization for teen 4-H club members. Its purpose is to help teen 4-H'ers develop leadership skills, while helping to build a strong, county 4-H program that benefits all members and volunteers. Teen Council members meet monthly to plan and implement 4-H educational programs, as well as community service and other social activities.

    4-H Teen Council is good for putting some positive into your child's world so they have less opportunity to fill their lives with risky behaviors.

    As parents, we want the best for our children. The 4-H motto is "to make the best better". Empowering our youth with real life skills before making it into the "real world" is a great way to set them up for success. 4-H Teen Council is a program to do just that.

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    435-623-3457 // 160 N. Main, Nephi, 84648

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much will it cost?

    Being a 4-H member has a $2 registration fee. Most teen council activities are free of charge. Some fo the retreats or overnight activities have a minimal fee involved.

    What will I be doing at 4-H Teen Council?

    First and foremost you will be having fun! You will also be learning leadership skills and social skills. FUNctional learning on how to be confident and productive members of a community is vital to future success.

    How much commitment and time will it take?

    Teen Council meets 1-2 times monthly. This will include planning meetings, activities, day retreats, overnight retreats, county and state contests. With the busy lifestyles our youth have it is hard to decide where to prioritize time. 4-H time is time well spent learning important leadership, service and social skills.

    What benefits are there in being an active Teen Council member?

    There are many scholarship opportunities available to assist to further a students' education. Last year $28,000 in scholarships went unclaimed.

    Did you know?

    Kids involved in 4-H are 2x more likely to plan to go to college, 2x more likely to get better grades in school, 41% less likely to engage in risky behaviors, and girls are 2x more likely to pursue science careers over their peers. *National 4-H data


     Teen Council Newsletter February, 2018


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     Teen Council Application

    Teen Council Application

    Teen Council Applications are available at the link below or at the Extension office for anyone interested in applying. Leave your completed application at the office and you will be contacted for an interview.