Fair Book Junior Fashion Revue


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    Fair Book Junior Fashion Revue


    Dates:                 Monday, July 30, 9:00 am - Modeling Workshop (Extension office)

                        Thursday, August 2, before noon - Entry Form/Narrative deadline (Extension

    Monday, August 6, items due by 7:30 am.  Construction Judging starts at 9 am (Extension office, with tags, pressed and on a hanger, ready to be judged)

    Monday, August 6, by 7:30 am.   Exhibit and Modeling Registration:  (online https://utah4hreg.usu.edu/cf/)

    Monday, August 6, 1 pm - Modeling Judging (Fairgrounds)

    Wednesday, August 8, 7 pm - Fashion Show & Awards (Fairgrounds Multi-Purpose Building)           

                        August 8 through 11, Articles on Exhibit at Juab County Fair

    Description:  Contestants will be judged on construction, personal presentation and interview
    responses. The contestant will model the article they have sewn and respond to questions about construction from the judges.

    Entries: May enter as an individual only, submitting only one article/outfit. Entry Form/Narrative must be submitted to USU Extension office before Thursday, August 2, at noon.  Entry forms are available at the office or online at http://extension.usu.edu/juab/htm/4-H/fair.

    Rules:  Junior contestants must be currently enrolled in a 4-H clothing or sewing project, and in 3rd through 8th grade as of October 1st, 2017 to compete.  They must have made their article/outfit during the current 4-H year.

    Narrative:  Contestant will submit a commentary/narrative about themselves and their project. The narrative should be written by the contestant as they are judged on it.  Commentary will be read while they model their article for the judges. Please limit narrative to 100 words.  Please write the narrative in 3rd  person, as the Juab County Fair Royalty will be reading them.  Example:  “Heidi chose this fabric because of the color.  She enjoys scrapbooking and camping with her family.”

    Narrative may include: something of interest about the article or outfit they have made, such as why they decided to make it, what they especially like about it, where they plan to use it, what they learned from the project, project construction details, consumer information about the project.

    Judging:  Monday, August 6, 9 am, articles/outfits will be judged on construction by a selected panel of judges at Extension office.  Articles are due to the office by 7:30 that morning, with tags, pressed and on a hanger, ready to be judged.

    Monday, August 6, 1 pm, contestants will model their outfit while being evaluated by a selected panel of judges at the fairgrounds multi-purpose building.                    

    Final placing’s are based on a combination of the evaluation of construction, interview                      and modeling.                    

                            Construction                                                                             50 points

                            Interview & Display/Modeling (personal presentation)           50 points

                            Total Possible                                                                          100 points 

    Modeling:  Music will be provided. Contestant will model their outfit on stage while the narrative is read. Contestant will stand before the judges during the interview portion.

    Interview:  Be prepared to discuss the project in detail and answer questions from the judges. Any additional information is welcomed to give the judges a good idea of your experiences with the project.  At the conclusion of the contest, you will be asked to leave the project item for the Fashion Show. 

    Final Show:  Contestants will model their outfit at the Fashion Revue which will be held for family, friends and the general public during the county fair on Wednesday, August 8, 7 pm in the Multi-purpose building. Winners will be announced and awards will be presented at the end of the show. All contestants will be asked to leave their outfits for display at the fair.

    Awards:  1st Place - $25, 2nd Place - $20, 3rd Place - $15.

    Seniors:  Senior members from 9th grade through 12th grade as of October 1st, 2017 are eligible for the Senior Fashion Revue Contest held separately in June. Senior contestants are also asked to model their articles/outfits at the Junior Fashion Show and display them during the Juab County Fair.

    2018 Juab County Fair

    ENTRY FORM DUE DATE:  THURSDAY, August 2, before noon!  Turn in to the Extension office, or email to juabextension@usu.edu by the deadline.  Participants may enter one outfit in the Fashion Revue.  

    Name of Contestant: ___________________________________________________________

    Please write up a narrative to be read as you model this outfit (include:  name, parents, community, age, year in 4-H clothing, year in 4-H, leader, club name, description of article, any outstanding features, description of accessories, activity for which outfit was made, and hobbies of contestant).  Please write narrative in 3rd person form, as the Juab County Royalty will be reading the narratives at the Fashion Revue.

    NARRATIVE-to be read during judging and at the evening Fashion Revue (needs to be about 30-45 seconds long when read slowly):











    Modeling Workshop: Tuesday, July 30, 9:00 am (Extension office)
    Entry Form Deadline:  Thursday, August 2, before noon (Extension office)
    Construction Judging:  Monday, August 6, due by 7:30 am (Extension office
    Modeling Judging:  Monday, August 6 1:00 pm (Fairgrounds)
    Fashion Show and Awards:  Wednesday, August 8 7:00 pm (Fairgrounds)

    Entry Form

    Possible Questions that Judges May Use

    (Their questions are not limited to this list.)

    1. How many years have you sewn?
    1. Where did you get the idea for this project? What motivated you to create it?
    1. What was important to you in choosing the pattern and fabric?
    1. Tell us about any design changes you made in the pattern.
    1. Did you encounter any problems in finding the fabric or notions you wanted? If so, please explain.
    1. What techniques did you use in sewing this project?
    1. Did you find something particularly difficult as you made this project? Tell us a bit about that, and how you handled it.
    1. As you selected the fabric, etc., what did you learn about price and quality?
    1. How many hours did you spend buying and constructing your project?
    1. What is the fiber content?
    1. What skill(s) did you improve on or perfect?
    1. How will you care for the piece you made?
    1. Can you estimate the cost/value of the piece?
    1. Have you ever designed your own project? Combined patterns?
    1. Ideas for your next project?
    1. What would you do differently?
    1. What considerations did you have when making the selection (material, care, design, cost, color)? Explain why these things were important to you.
    1. Is there anything in particular that you learned from this project? Will it make a difference in how you approach a future project?
    1. Is there anything else that you would like to share about this sewing experience?
    1. What pattern did you use?

    Narrative Example – Must be in third person

    Kristi decided to make a dress and chose this beautiful design. She loved this rich cotton fabric with golden flecks. A contrasting light turquoise ribbon accents her waist. It created the perfect combination for a dressy look, an excellent choice for her Sunday meetings. She completely lined the bodice. Notice the pretty gathers on the sleeves. This was her first project with a zipper. Kristi loves to read, sew, knit, ride horses, and play with Chinese jump ropes. She plays the piano beautifully. Her favorite hobby is to collect rocks of every size and variety.   Keep up the great work, Kristi!