Horsing Around

Iron County 4-H Horse Council Presidency for 2013-2014

President: Eiffie Chappell (435) 592-0571

Vice President: Open for a Volunteer

Secretary: Kaylnn Carter (435) 691-0719

Announcement:  All upcoming Iron County 4-H Horse Shows will be held at Diamond Z/Cross Hollows Event Center.  All dates will remain the same.

Please contact Spencer Kohler (435) 586-8132 with questions.



6– General Member Meeting, 7pm

10– Registration 4-H Leadermete Wayne County

15– State 4-H Portfolio

15– Scholarship application deadline, submit to State 4-H Office.

27– Iron County 4-H council Meeting, Visitors Center
West Conference  Room. 6pm

28– 6-8 pm, 4H horse judging clinic at Campbell Arena, register online. $20 certify, $5 to go.


TBA– 9 am - 3 pm, 4H horse judging clinic at Campbell    Arena, register online. $20 certify, $5 to go.

14,15– 4-H Regional Retreat, Ponderosas, Zion’ Park

19 - 6 pm, College Farm judging clinic with Lee Wood. For parents, children, and leaders

29— 9 am Equestrian Pointe service project


TBA– 4-H Talent Contest

TBA– Service Fundraiser

1– JYC application due, Extension Office

10– 5:30-7 pm, 4-H Talent Show, Cedar Middle School

11,12– State Ambassador Interviews

19– Service Project w/, Cross Hollows Event Center

(Tree Planting )

24– 5-6 pm. Portfolio/Demonstration Workshop

24 - 5 pm, IFA Personal Grooming Clinic (Kathy Flannigan)

30– Showman Clinic 4:30 pm, Equestrian Pointe


TBA– Horsemanship Clinic, Shane Flannigan

14- Trail Clinic 4:30 pm, Equestrian Pointe

8– 7-8 pm. Portfolio/ Demonstration Workshop

15– 5-6 pm. Portfolio/ Demonstration Workshop


TBA– RSVP Deadline for Demonstrations

TBA– Demonstrations

9– Show #1 , 5:30 pm Cross Hollows Event Center, Show and Speed Events.

30– Show #2, 5:30 pm Cross Hollows Event Center, Show and Speed Events


14-16, State Contests at Utah State, Logan

21– Show #3, 5:30 pm Cross Hollows Event Center, Show and Speed Events


4— 5:30 pm. Show #4, Cross Hollows

16– Region Horse Show, Beaver County

27– 6-7 pm, Service Project, Iron County Fair Grounds     Arena, Rocking Picking

28– Little Buckaroo Rodeo. Grand Entry at 6 pm. (be there at 5 pm, need members to carry flags) Pre Entry discount go to http://www.ironcountyfair.net/

29– RMPRA Rodeo. Grand Entry 7 pm (be there at 6 pm)

30– Family Ranch Rodeo, Grand Entry 7 pm ( be there 6 pm) (Service needed opening gates and running errands)


1– Parade 10 am ( FYI, NO Service Points)

1– RMPRA Rodeo. Grand Entry TBA

4– Horse Portfolio Due (Thursday)
TBA– State Horse Show, Location and Time TBA


15– Portfolios Due for Iron County Awards (Tuesday)


TBA– Horse Awards and Country Banquet




Discounts and Scholarship Opportunities

IFA, FFA, & 4-H

Hello Southern Region,
Beaver County is hosting this year's Region Horse Show.
Our Horse Council is planning it and we'll have more details on the time, stall and trailer hook-up costs, and other particulars soon etc.
Here's the skinny so far:
What: Southern Region Horse Show
When: Saturday August 16, 2014
Where: Beaver County Fairgrounds
Minersville, UT 84752
Stay tuned,

Lori Bailey
4-H Coordinator 
Beaver County
Cell 435-438-1089

HorseQuest Learning Lesson: Horse Hay

HorseQuest Learning Lesson: Horse Adult Leader Training and Educational Resource

HALTER Level One

HorseQuest Learning Lesson: Effective Horse Training and Rider Development

HorseQuest Learning Lesson: Introduction to Horses and Horse Activities 

HorseQuest Learning Lesson: Equine Pasture Management 

HorseQuest Learning Lesson: Basic Horse Care and Management 

HorseQuest Learning Lesson: Horse Owner Survival

HorseQuest Learning Lesson: Understanding Bits for Horses

HorseQuest Learning Lesson:How to Body Condition Score Horses 

HorseQuest Learning Lessons: Understanding Horse Coat Color


4-H Horsemanship Manuals needed plus some additional resources:

These two publications provide the base resource for 4-H member education. Questions for the written tests at horse shows are selected from these two books. These books are usually available for purchase from the local USU Extension 4-H office. They can also be purchased from the National 4-H Supply Service at


and click on Bookstore, then Animal science, then Horse.

 Also at the same web site are additional resources, including the following CCS curriculum for horse clubs:

  • Giddy Up & Go ( BU-08053 )
    Youth who may or may not have a horse or pony of their own but want to learn about horses will enjoy Giddy Up & Go. They will learn the basics of horse behavior, breeds, and safety around horses through a variety of activities, including teaching others.
  • Head, Heart & Hooves ( BU-08054 )
    Youth learn more about acquiring and raising a horse including selecting a horse, horse nutrition and care, equine teeth and bones, judging, including giving oral reasons and much more.
  • Stable Relationships ( BU-08055 )
    Youth explore horse reproduction, diseases and health care, pasture management, providing appropriate shelter and building a financial plan.
  • Riding the Range ( BU-08056 )
    Youth learn nine basic riding skills and ten horsemanship skills, training techniques, trail riding and selection and use of tack.
  • Jumping to New Heights ( BU-08057 )
    Youth learn more advanced riding skills, the Quarter System, horse showmanship, ethics and leadership.
  • Horse Helper’s Guide ( BU-08058 )
    Get everyone involved at group meetings using any of the 17 featured group activities.

Horse Project Online Site 


 Iron County Horse 4-H Utah now has a Facebook group.  If you are interested in finding out more information about activities and events in the 4-H horse community please join our group.  Contact Spencer Kohler to be added to the group.