Achievement & Awards


Iron County 4-H 2011-12 Awards


I pledge:

My head to clearer thinking,

My heart to greater loyalty,

My hands to larger service and

My health to better living,

For my club, my community,

My country and my world.

Iron County 4-H 2010-11 Awards

Excellence in Youth Projects – County Medal Awards by Project


Senior              1st – Kyra Talbot                                   2nd – Michael Matheson           3rd – n/a

Intermediate    1st – Mikaela Chappell                           2nd – Matthew Matheson         3rd – Courtney Terry

Junior              1st – Miranda Chappell & Sherri Platt     2nd – Kindy Christensen            3rd – Robbie Clark

Most Outstanding 1st Year - Baylee Jones



STAR CLASS  1st through 10th years

 20 hours of service

Complete a 4-H Project

Participate in a County Contest

Participate in the 4-H Day Camp or County Sponsored Overnight Camp

Turn in a Portfolio

Participate in the Iron County Fair

Participate in a Regional, State, or National Event


Talent Contest High Scores: Junior – Jeremy Cain, Intermediate – Wednesday Hackwell, Senior – Shiloah Cain

Demonstration High Scores:  Junior – Exley Hackwell, Intermediate – Mikaela Chappell, Senior – Kyra Talbot


Horsemanship Awards Presented at Horse Banquet

November 17, 2011 Cedar Middle School 6 pm


Teen Council Members – Leadership Award

Shiloah Cain                            Nely Mejia Garcia                  Marypaz Gonzalez

Wednesday Hackwell                        Ashley Hopkins                      Nicole Hopkins

Bailey King                             Cierra Reid                              Lance Reid

Satilla Smith                           Shelby Taylor                         Courtney Terry

Sandy Torres                          Zaira Torres                           Stacie Twitchell


Southwest Region Ambassadors – Leadership Award

Bailey King     Sandy Torres     Courtney Terry     Shiloah Cain


State Ambassadors – Leadership Award  We did not have any participants in 2010-2011

National Conference Participants  No participants in 2010-2011

Mock Legislature Participants  No participants in 2010-2011


Four Year Pin Awards

Cole Benson                     Mikala Burton                  Zachary Carling         Mikaela Childs

Aubrey Christensen          Kaylee Christensen          Jaylee Church             Tiffany Day

Logan Ekker                    Abigail Gould                   Jordan Hansen            Forrest Hyde

Brenda Larios                   Brecken Lewis                  Payten Lewis              Matthew Matheson

Brayden Miller                 Hannah Miller                  Jennifer Munford       Dalton Olsen

Cierra Reid                        Morgan Stubbs                 Rykker Tom               Adrian Udabe

Julia Wayment                 Kinzi Weaver


State Contests

Blake Robinson – Science Palooza, Horse Judging & Horse Demonstration

Shiloah Cain – Talent (Instrumental, Variety & Vocal)

Kyra Talbot – Science Palooza, Horse Judging & Horse Demonstration


State Fair Rosette Winners

M'kenzie Ashe – Visual Arts

Marissa Cain – Service Project

Shiloah Cain – Crochet

Kindy Christensen – Sewing Construction

Nicholas Day – Photography

Tiffany Day– Arts & Crafts

Exley Hackwell – Technology & Engineering

Wednesday Hackwell– Arts & Crafts

Lexie Heaton– Sewing Construction & Food Preparation

Rakell Heaton– Sewing Construction & Food Preparation

Ashley Hopkins– Photography

Baylee Jones– Sewing Construction

Herendira Lopez- Sewing Construction & Leatherwork

Xitlaly Lopez– Arts & Crafts

Joseph Martineau– Food Preparation

Kimberlee Martineau– Arts & Crafts

Brandon Matheson– Expressive Arts

Britnee Platt– Sewing Construction

Logan Platt– Food Preservation

Sherri Platt– Food Preservation

Selene Roundy– Sewing Construction


Salute to 4-H Youth Volunteers -- Courtney Terry


Presidential Service Awards   -   Youth & Adults - none


The following Leader and Volunteer awards were presented at Leader Banquet. 

All will be recognized again for their service to 4-H!


Tenure Awards for Leaders

5 Years                     10 Years             15 Years

Angela Hackwell       Richie Stubbs      Effie Chappell

Calvin Hackwell

Crystal Hopkins

Chad Reid

Linda Reid

Kenneth Robinson

Leah Talbot

Tracy Talbot


Clover Key Award -- Frank Phelps

Family of the Year

Jared & Deborah Martineau Family

Including James, Joseph, Kimberlee, Thomas, David, & China


Mentoring Family of the Year

Byron & Carolyn Stucki Family

Including Mckenna & Ellyce


YFP 4-H Mentor of the Year -- Shelli Richardson


YFP 4-H Mentor of the Year -- Veronika Rudd


Friend of YFP -- Steve Burton – East Elementary


Friend of 4-H -- Dr. James E. Bowns


Salute to Excellence -- Melanie Hall


Alumni -- Blaine Nay


Door Knob -- Nate Thomas