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    4-H Mentoring

    What is 4-H?

    The 4-H Youth Development organization nationwide is known for engaging youth as leaders and giving them the power to take action. Through Utah State University Cooperative Extension, 4-H mobilizes trained, experienced and competent educators in most counties across the state to support this community of young people who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.
    The 4-H mission is to teach youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults.
    4-H Stands for Head, Heart, Hands and Health.

    Welcome to 4-H Mentoring Youth and Families with Promise!

    The 4-H Mentoring: Youth and Families with Promise program (4-H YFP) is a prevention program designed to enhance the developmental assets of at-risk youth, ages 10-14. This program targets youth and families who have below-average school performance, poor social skills, and/or weak family bonds among other low risk factors. Youth are referred to the program by school counselors, teachers, and administrators, as well as other youth-serving organizations.  This program consists of three components:
    • One-to-one Mentoring – Volunteer mentors work directly with youth to build academic and social skills
    • 4-H Activities – Club involvement serves to enhance social competencies through leadership opportunities, community service, and group project
    • Family Night Out – Group activities are designed to foster family bonds through experiential learning activities

    Iron County 4-H & Afterschool Program Contact Information

    Call (435) 586-8132 to leave a telephone message for any staff member.




    Canyon View Middle School 6th Grade

    • Doneva Hecker -- Site Coordinator
    • Anne Marie – Assistant Site Coordinator
    • Tallon - Assistant Site Coordinator
    • Nicole Treadway – Academic Counselor

    Canyon View Middle School 7th & 8th Grade


    Cedar Middle School 6th Grade


    Cedar Middle School 7th & 8th Grade


    North Elementary

    • Debra Johnson – Site Coordinator
    • Kelsey – Assistant Site Coordinator
    • Becky Hyde – Assistant Site Coordinator

    East Elementary

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