New Faculty Fellow at IORT - Jake Powell


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    New Faculty Fellow at IORT - Jake Powell

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    The Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism (IORT) at Utah State University is pleased to welcome a new Faculty Fellow ... Jake Powell. The Faculty Fellows program helps to network researchers who want to explore questions about outdoor recreation management, connecting them with the common purpose of understanding the tough trade-offs involved in recreation management, and elevating USU as one of the nation’s premier outdoor recreation management programs.


    Jake Powell is an Extension Specialist in USU’s Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. Jake focuses on uniting communities to landscapes through collaborative planning and design. He's worked on projects for watershed planning and restoration, natural resource conservation, recreation infrastructure, and community economic growth. Jake is currently working to grow the Gateways and Natural Amenity Region (GNAR) Initiative, an effort that provides practical tools, research, and collaboration to gateway communities and the regions that surround them.


    IORT's Faculty Fellows collaborate on research, teaching, and outreach projects to contribute to the mission of producing information, data and knowledge for a better understanding of the challenges and consequences associated with outdoor recreation opportunities on public and private lands.

    “We feel privileged to have Jake on board,” said Jordan Smith, Director of the Institute. “His expertise and insights into how communities surrounding parks and protected areas operate will be a huge benefit to developing strategies to help these areas thrive.”