An Assessment of the Utah Tourism Industry’s Perceptions of Hospitality and Customer Service Training
Date: September, 2007
Call Number: IORT-PR-2007-2
Researcher(s): Steven W. Burr, Keshab Parajuli, Douglas K. Reiter
Summary: Utah State University’s Institute for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism (IORT) administered a web-based survey through the Internet using e-mails for inviting a random sample of owners/operators and/or managers in the tourism industry from across Utah to complete a survey from November 2005 to February 2006, to assess the Utah tourism industry’s perceptions and attitudes toward hospitality and customer service training. Results suggest survey respondents were highly aware of the economic benefits of tourism and the importance of better hospitality and customer service for improving the quality of visitor experiences in Utah. Respondents expressed a strong belief that better hospitality and customer service extended to visitors will positively influence tourism businesses in the state, and strongly insisted providing hospitality and customer service training for employees as necessary in this regard. Respondents also exhibited an interest in being directly involved in a hospitality and customer service training program in the state.