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    Data Collection and Delivery

    Cache Forest

    Assessing Visitor Use on the Dixie National Forest

    Outdoor recreation on the Dixie National Forest enhance the lives of millions of visitors each year. The National Forest is located northeast of Cedar City and is home to the gorgeous Scenic Byway 12. To help ensure the Forest Service can provide high-quality outdoor recreation opportunities to visitors, the Institute recently launched a 12-month data collection project designed to better understand visitor use on the forest. The study is part of the USDA Forest Service's National Visitor Use Monitoring project, an on-going national monitoring program that uses a stratified random sample to develop statistically sound estimates of visitor use, characteristics, satisfaction, and spending information relevant to each National Forest. Results from individual forests are combined to provide regional and national estimates and descriptions of visits.


    The Institute also runs the National Forest Visitor Use Monitoring projects for the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache, Ashley, and Fishlake National Forests.