Social Benefits


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    Social Benefits

    Group campfire

    Recreation Brings Neighborhoods Together and Encourages Safer and Cleaner Communities

    Article Title: The Health and Social Benefits of Recreation

    Authors: Department of Parks and Recreation


    Open Space Enhances Feelings of Stewardship

    Article Title: Health, Well-Being, and Open Space

    Author: Nina Morris

    Family biking

    Families that Recreate Together Tend to be Closer and More Cohesive; They Also Have a Greater Chance of Staying Together

    Article Title: Benefits of Leisure

    Authors: B. L. Driver, Perry J. Brown, & George L. Peterson

    Elderly man walking with a cane outside

    Regular Physical Activity is Connected to Lowered Risks of Cognitive Impairment (such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia) Among Elderly Adults

    Article Title: Leisure-time physical activity at midlife and the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

    Authors: Suvi Rovio, Ingemar Kåreholt, Eeva-Liisa Helkala, Matti Viitanen, Bengt Winblad, Jaakko Tuomilehto, Hilkka Soininen, Aulikki Nissinen, & Miia Kivipelto

    Two teens overlooking a river

    A High Level of Outdoor Physical Activity for Youth and Teens Leads to Better Integration into Peer Groups, Easier Contact with Parents and Friends, and a Higher Degree of Reported Life Satisfaction

    Article Title: Engagement with natural beauty moderates the positive relation between connectedness with nature and psychological well-being

    Authors: Jia Wei Zhang, Ryan T. Howell, & Ravi Iyer

    Four people overlooking a valley

    Nature Promotes Prosocial Behaviors

    Article Title: An occasion for unselfing: Beautiful nature leads to prosociality

    Authors: Jia Wei Zhang, Paul K. Piff, Ravi Iyer, Spassena Koleva, & Dacher Keltner

    Group hiking

    Nature Provides Multiple Social Benefits

    Book Title: The Human Relationship with Nature

    Author: Peter H. Kahn

    Book Title: The Biophilia Hypothesis

    Authors: Stephen R. Kellert & Edward O. Wilson