PhD in Environment and Society


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    Researchers testing at an outdoor site.

    PhD in Environment and Society

    The Environment and Society degree program was created in response to a growing demand in natural resource fields for more interdisciplinary professionals with diverse skills and broader intellectual capabilities. The Environment and Society degree program will produce students who understand the coupled nature of human and natural systems. The program will also train students for professional positions with local, state, national, and international resource management agencies as well as private consulting firms and non-governmental organizations. The PhD program puts greater emphasis on basic theory and research methods in one or more social science disciplines, depending on the student’s interests. More information on this program can be found here.

    PhD Assistantships

    Hiker overlooking Zions National ParkResearch Assistantship in Environment and Society

    We are currently accepting applications for highly qualified candidates committed to pursuing a PhD in Environment and Society. The successful candidate will work on a variety of interdisciplinary research projects related to quantifying outdoor recreationists’ contingent behaviors in response to climate-related stressors and modeling the subsequent biogeophysical impacts of adaptive behavior.

    Three backpackers and their dog heading out on a trip.Research Assistantship: Diversity, Cognitive Abilities, and Robustness of Social-Ecological Systems

    We are currently seeking a highly qualified candidate who is committed to pursuing a PhD focused on understanding feedback between cognitive abilities, making decisions in a group, and the management of natural resources. Students should be interested in learning a diverse set of theories from the social and natural sciences, experimental methods, and agent-based modeling

    Man in a canoe on a lake.Research Assistantship: Reconstructing Water Use and the Evolution of Virtual Water Networks

    We are currently seeking two highly qualified candidates who are committed to pursuing a PhD focused on the food-energy-water nexus in the USA. Qualified candidates should have a strong desire to engage in interdisciplinary research at the interface of natural and social sciences using qualitative and quantitative methods.

    Overhead view of the grand canyonResearch Assistantship: Socio-Ecological Dimensions of Protected Areas

    We are currently seeking a PhD student who is willing to join an interdisciplinary research team studying connectivity between national parks and surrounding socio-ecological systems. The candidate will enroll in USUs doctoral program in Environment and Society or Ecology and will receive funding from a three-year assistantship to conduct research in and around five US national parks.

    Woman overlooking a canyon and reading an informational sign.Research Assistantship: Social-Ecological Networks and Agent Based Modeling

    We are currently seeking a highly qualified candidate who is committed to pursuing a PhD focused on understanding feedback between the natural and human systems and the building blocks of successful natural resource management using multiple methods. Students should be interested in agent-based modeling, network analysis, and participatory modeling.