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    Tips to Stay Physically Active and Wise with Food Choices During the Holidays Iron County Today 12/13/2018
    How to Become a Cache Master Gardener Herald Journal 12/12/2018
    More on Care of 4-H Steers and Heifers Post Register 12/7/2018
    USU, Logan High, Others Team Up for Latinx Higher Ed Fair Herald Journal 12/3/2018
    Jill Romo: Enterpreneur and Dog Lover Lives Dreams and Focuses on Service Cache Valley Family Magazine 12/3/2018
    Traditional Fence or Borderline Hedge? Each has Advantages Daily Press 11/29/2018
    Where to Stash the Cash in your House KSL 11/28/2018
    How Freelancing and Other Remote Work will Help Save Rural Life Forbes 11/28/2018
    Pesticide Certification Training Course Offered Herald Journal 11/28/2018
    Utah State University Extension Announces New Youth Development Director Deseret News 11/27/2018
    Traditional Fence or Borderline Hedge? Each has Advantages The Republic 11/27/2018
    Community Mourns the Passing of Dolores Gossner Wheeler Cache Valley Daily 11/26/2018
    Four Tips for Preparing your Yard for Winter Utah Public Radio 11/23/2018
    Pinyons and the Pinyon IPS Beetle Moab Times 11/22/2018
    Cranberries are a Healthy Choice The Independent 11/21/2018
    USU Professor Offers Tips on how not to Overdose on Christmas Shopping Cache Valley Daily 11/19/2018
    Here's how to Avoid Nasty Bacterial Disease when Cooking your Thanksgiving Turkey St. George News 11/18/2018
    What you Need to do to Tuck your Trees in for Winter Utah Public Radio 11/16/2018
    6 Food Safety Lessons for Operators National Restaurant News 11/15/2018
    A Little Bit About Pumpkins Utah Public Radio 11/15/2018
    What is Healthy Eating for Diabetes Fox 13 11/13/2018
    4-H Holds Annual Turkey Show at Box Elder Fair Grounds Cache Valley Daily 11/9/2018
    Master Gardener Program Taking Registrations The Davis Clipper 11/7/2018
    Doctor's Orders: Health Care for 4-H Steers and Heifers Post Register 11/2/2018
    Want to Work from Home? Attend ROI Program Daily Herald 11/1/2018
    Beef Quality Assurance Certification Workshop Richfield Reaper 10/31/2018
    Produce Farming Under the Food Safety Modernization Act Herald Journal 10/31/2018
    Pumpkin Chili, Creamy Soup: Recipes to Try Beyond the Jack-O-Laterns St. George News 10/28/2018
    What's the Scariest Animal: Bats, Spiders, Snakes, or Deer? Utah Public Radio 10/25/2018
    The World's Largest Living Organism, Pando, is Dying St. George News 10/24/2018
    Study Finds Huge Aspen Grove Still Declining Despite Fencing Utah Public Radio 10/23/2018
    Study Finds Huge Aspen Grove Still Declining Despite Fencing The Washington Times 10/22/2018
    UnDisciplined: The Transportation Economist and the Insect Ecologist Utah Public Radio 10/21/2018
    7 Utah County Nurseries Where you can Replace your Houseplants Daily Herald 10/20/2018
    An Introduction to the First Robotics Competition (FRC) with Chelsey Short Player FM 10/5/2018
    A New Guidebook is Available About Wildlife in the Bear River Migratory Bird Refugee Utah Public Radio 9/28/2018
    Quick and Easy Meals your Family Will Enjoy Fox 13 9/24/2018
    Can Rural Flight be Alleviated in Southern Utah? Coordinators of New Remote Work Initiative Hope So St. George News 9/22/2018
    Fall Gardening Opportunities Moab Times 9/20/2018
    USU Names Finalists for New Communications VP Herald Journal 9/19/2018
    Increased Mountain Lion Sightings Highlight that Utah is Cougar Country KUTV 9/19/2018
    The No. 1 Thing That's Killing Your Happiness Fox 13 9/18/2018
    USU Opens Chocolate Factor to Students, General Public Herald Journal 9/18/2018
    Family Mealtime is Worth the Effort The Independent 9/14/2018
    Innovations in Irrigation Capital Press 9/8/2018
    A Pressure Cooker is not a Pressure Canner Idaho State Journal 9/8/2018
    USU Extension Focuses on Strengthening Utah's Rural Economies Cache Valley Daily 9/7/2018
    USU Extension Focuses on Strengthening Utah's Rural Economies Utah State Today 9/7/2018
    Vegetable Garden Issues and Tips Moab Times 9/6/2018
    We're Going to Need a Bigger Goat: The East African Goat Refugee of Utah Slug Magazine 9/6/2018
    USU Extension Hosts Start-to-Farm Workshop in Logan Cache Valley Daily 9/6/2018
    Southern Utah Counties Awarded Nearly $500K to Address Cycle of Poverty St. George News 9/5/2018
    Choosing our Words Thoughtfully Coshocton Tribune 8/31/2018
    KSL Does the Math to Compare Fuel Rewards Programs KSL 8/31/2018
    Large National Monuments Don't Damage Rural Economy--But They Don't Help Either Deseret News 8/22/2018
    Drought can Lead to Nitrate Accumulation in Forages Herald Journal 8/22/2018
    Rural Mayors Discuss How Tech Jobs May Impact Their Communities Utah Public Radio 8/20/2018
    Logan Department of Workforce Services Hosting Day Long Parenting Workshop Cache Valley Daily 8/20/2018
    How to Prepare Your Youth Robotics Team for Core Values Judging Tommorrow's Innovator Podcast 8/20/2018
    Latino Advisory Council Organizer Honored, Beware of Scam Calls, Campfire Warning The Standard Examiner 8/19/2018
    City Mulls Possible Ban on Plastic Bags Moab Sun News 8/16/2018
    Utah 4-H Administrator in Logan Reflects on Youth, Career Herald Journal 8/15/2018
    Common Sense Advice to Reduce Aggressive Animal Encounters Utah Public Radio 8/13/2018
    Summit County Community Market Set to Return August 14 Park Record 8/12/2018
    Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Melon Utah Public Radio 8/10/2018
    Successful Farming Takes More Than Planting Seeds, It Takes a Successful Business Plan Utah Public Radio 8/10/2018
    Idaho News Briefly Post Register 8/10/2018
    States: Want an Outdoor Rec Economy? Pay Up Outdoor Magazine 8/9/2018
    What to Do About the Pesky Elm Seed Bug Moab Times 8/9/2018
    Rural Economic Development Program Helps Communities Target, Lure New Industries Sun Advocate 8/8/2018
    Doctor's Orders: Beware West Nile Virus in Horses Post Register 8/3/2018
    Getting Rid of Common Garden Pests Fox 13 8/2/2018
    Kesler Inducted int 4-H Hall of Fame Sun Advocate 8/1/2018
    Kesler Inducted int 4-H Hall of Fame SNewsi 8/1/2018
    USU Extension Host Opioid Summit to Combat Opioid Addiction Good 4 Utah 8/1/2018
    Health Provieders Urged to be 'The Change Agents' in Public Discourse on Opioid Addiction Deseret News 8/1/2018
    Keeping a Healthy Lawn and Garden in the Heat Fox 13 7/31/2018
    Outdoor Planning with a Purpose: Permaculture in Moab Utah Public Radio 7/31/2018
    Protecting Onions from Pests, Pathogens, Draws USDA Attention WSU Insider 7/31/2018
    USU Professor and Wife Showcase 'Winnie-The-Pooh' Garden Herald Journal 7/30/2018
    Cow Slaughter Keeps Climbing Beef Magazine 7/30/2018
    More Fact Based Answers to Your Gardening Questions Moab Times 7/25/2018
    The Numbe of West Nile Cases in Horses is on the Rise Utah Public Radio 7/23/2018
    Newlywed Tips and Traps Fox 13 7/23/2018
    Kathy's Corner: Kids Create in the Kitchen Iron County Today 7/20/2018
    Stretching Your Dollar: Grocery Store Savings Good 4 Utah 7/18/2018
    Stretching Your Dollar: How to Build Credit Good 4 Utah 7/18/2018
    Stretching Your Dollar: Five Questions That Will Save You Money Good 4 Utah 7/18/2018
    Latinos In Action: Hispanic Youths Gather at USU for Leadership Conference Herald Journal 7/18/2018
    Dennis Wormwood to Retire as Extension Agent Emery County Progress 7/17/2018
    First Latinos-In-Action Boot Camp Hosted by Utah State University Utah Public Radio 7/16/2018
    Four Tips to Help You Minimize Food Waste and Save Money The Independent 7/14/2018
    Research Station Fights Back Against Rose Stem Glider Capital Press 7/13/2018
    Utah State University's Blue Creek Farm - A Decades-Old Collaboration of Farmers and Researchers Utah Public Radio 7/12/2018
    Historic Trees at Risk of Drying Up in Farmington KSL 7/12/2018
    Grass Not Always Greener on Other Side Standard Examiner 7/12/2018
    Redesigning Green Spaces Into More Diverse Bee Spaces Utah Public Radio 7/11/2018
    Controlling Grasshoppers Before they Cause Damage Herald Journal 7/11/2018
    Watering Limits Start in Farmington, Residents Urged to Let Go of Green Standard Examiner 7/11/2018
    USU Health Extension co-hosts Opioid Summits UB Media 7/10/2018
    Father of the Fair Fowl: Belew Instrumental in Bringing Chicken, Pigeon Shows to County Fairs The Leader 7/10/2018
    13 Ways to Stop Slithering Snakes St. George News 7/7/2018
    13 Ways to Stop Slithering Snakes Cedar City News 7/7/2018
    St. George Asks Residents to Change Watering Schedule The Spectrum 7/6/2018
    USU Health Extension co-hosts Opioid Summits Cache Valley Daily 7/6/2018
    Garden Help Desk: Trimming Hanging Baskets and Weed Alert Daily Herald 7/1/2018
    Summer Salads KSL 6/29/2018
    Students Learn at Computer Science Camp in Kanab Southern Utah News 6/28/2018
    Custom Rates for Making Hay Herald Journal 6/27/2018
    Telecommuter Law Takes Effect July 1 Sun Advocate 6/26/2018
    Southern Utah Gardening: Think Visual Impact When Readying Your Yard The Independent 6/24/2018
    Improving Your Veggie Garden Moab Times 6/22/2018
    Susan Ann Wild Standard Examiner 6/22/2018
    USU Professor Finds Rare English Walnut Tree Cache Valley Daily 6/19/2018
    Try These Quick Fixes to Get Your Yard Ready for Outdoor Parties St. George News 6/18/2018
    Nine Horses die in Carbon County After Eating Toxic Plant Salt Lake Tribune 6/17/2018
    What's Up With That? Grasshoppers Swarm Part of 3200 West in Logan, Near Benson Herald Journal 6/12/2018
    USU Researchers Testing Viability of Cow Chip Technology Utah Public Radio 6/11/2018
    Check Out These Berry Good Fruit Stands and Farmers Markets in Utah Deseret News 6/11/2018
    Ask an Expert: Think Visual Impact When Readying Yard For Events Cache Valley Daily 6/10/2018
    Sick Robot Dogs and Teleportation? Kids Get Innovative at 'Camp Invention' St. George News 6/9/2018
    Utah Farmers' Dreams Drying Up: 'We Will Run Out of Water' Deseret News 6/8/2018
    Ask an Expert: Forestry USU Extension Forestry 6/7/2018
    Magicians and Stormtroopers: Robotics Teams from Washington County Take PArt in International Competitions St. George News 6/7/2018
    Conservation Urged During Peak Watering Months The Leader 6/6/2018
    Let Your Child Be a Part of the 4-H Community Through Their Fun Summer Camps Castle Country Radio 6/6/2018
    USU Extension Issues Weekend Codling Moths Advisory for Cache County Cache Valley Daily 6/1/2018
    USU Extension Issues Weekend Codling Moths Advisory for Cache County SNewsi 6/1/2018
    USU Extension Field Days Slated for June Herald Journal 5/30/2018
    Spring Has Sprung But Frost Still Likely Daily Herald 5/30/2018
    Children's Program Teaches Healthy Eating Through Reading and Activities Utah Public Radio 5/29/2018
    Helping Kids Find Their Passion Millard County Chronicle Progress 5/29/2018
    Bringing Hope to Homes Emery County Progress 5/29/2018
    Utah State University Extension Fighting Hunger Among Senior Citizens Utah Public Radio 5/29/2018
    Thrill, Fill and Spill' and Other Container Gardening Secrets St. George News 5/27/2018
    Thrill, Fill and Spill' and Other Container Gardening Secrets Cedar City News 5/27/2018
    This is the Week to Spray Richfield Reaper 5/23/2018
    Busy Legislative Session Yields New Education Bills Emery County Progress 5/22/2018
    Coral Canyon Elementary Students Earn New Wheels in 'Bikes for Books' Program St. George News 5/22/2018
    Parenting Tips for Summer Sanity Fox 13 5/21/2018
    New Technologies Could Help Utahns Save Water Salt Lake Tribune 5/20/2018
    Tips for Effective Weed Control Fox 13 5/9/2018
    As Felony Trial Looms, Activists Seek Appeal In San Juan County Gate-Closing Trial Salt Lake Tribune 5/8/2018
    Hundreds of Bills Become New Laws in Utah on Tuesday. Here's How They Will Affect You Deseret News 5/6/2018
    The Square Kitchen Opens Today! SLC Green 5/4/2018
    Cache Makers Building New Identity at BTECH Herald Journal 5/3/2018
    Friendship in the Garden at North Elementary Iron County Today 5/3/2018
    Insect Pests Here and Soon to Come The Moab Times 5/3/2018
    Unpredictable Spring Weather Could Impact Fruit Trees in Utah Utah Public Radio 5/3/2018
    Effective Debt Management: How to Increase Savings and Get Rid of that Debt Load USA Today 5/2/2018
    USU Extension Honored with Best of State Awards Cache Valley Daily 4/27/2018
    Local 4-H Youth Participate in Mock Legislature Southern Utah News 4/26/2018
    USU Extension Honored with Best of State Awards Snewsi 4/26/2018
    Crabgrass and Spotted Spurges and Dandelions, Oh My! Salt Lake City Lawns Among Worst in the Nation for Weeds in 2018 Salt Lake Tribune 4/23/2018
    Davis County Culture of Health Univision 4/23/2018
    Risk of Wildfires Looms Over Summit County Park Record 4/21/2018
    Utah High School Students Participate in Mock Legislative Session Utah Public Radio 4/19/2018
    Cattle Vaccinating Practices Are Vital to Effectiveness Herald Journal 4/17/2018
    Parenting Advice and Regrets from Empty Nesters Fox 13 4/16/2018
    7 Tips to Help you Take Stock Before Restocking Food Storage St. George News 4/15/2018
    Garden Help Desk: Separating and Dividing Your Perennials Daily Herald 4/15/2018
    Summit County's Wildfire Threat Sparks Community Forum Park Record 4/15/2018
    25 Years has Brought 125,000 Second-Graders to Utah County Farm Field Day Daily Herald 4/13/2018
    Farming Workshop Helps Small Farms Post Register 4/13/2018
    Salt Lake City Mayor Issues Water Advisory, Warns of Possible Shortage KSL 4/11/2018
    Garden Help Desk: Caring For Your Trees to Prevent Oozing Daily Herald 4/8/2018
    Children in Southern Utah Hospitals to Receive Handmade Dolls The Spectrum 4/2/2018
    Looking for Farms to Honor Richfield Reaper 3/28/2018
    How do you Care for 200 Baby Goats? Salt Lake City's Refugee Farm has an Army of Sitters who Wash, Feed and Cuddle the Kids Salt Lake Tribune 3/27/2018
    Invasive Plant Removal Gets State Funds Moab Sun News 3/22/2018
    Four Local Teens Vying for 4-H Ambassador Position The Tremonton Leader 3/22/2018
    Lawmakers Approve Funding to Convert Agricultural Sprinklers as Part of Iron County Conservation Effort St. George News 3/22/2018
    Healthy Snacks to Curb that Late Night Hunger Fox 13 3/22/2018
    Eco Center Sets Up 'Wild Encounters' Park Record 3/19/2018
    Spring is Here....Now What? Moab Times 3/15/2018
    Tips for Stopping the Spread During Cold and Flu Season The Independent 3/13/2018
    Water Fair Gives 4th Graders Hands On Lessons in Water Awareness St. George News 3/11/2018
    Letter: Cuts to the SNAP Program Will Take Food From the Mouths of Babes Salt Lake Tribune 3/5/2018
    Garden Help Desk: Is it Time to Fertilize Raspberries? Daily Herald 3/4/2018
    Legislature Aims to Grow Rural Jobs Through Power of the Internet Park Record 2/22/2018
    Some Cache Residents Concerned About Utah Homemade Food Bill Herald Journal 2/19/2018
    4 Ways to Manage Expectations in Relationships St. George News 2/18/2018
    Garden Help Desk: When Can I work in the Yard? Daily Herald 2/18/2018
    Chances of Good Snowpack Dwindling Quickly Cache Valley Daily 2/16/2018
    Not Over Yet: Wyoming Dean Added as Provost Candidate The Utah Statesman 2/15/2018
    Online Jobs Initiative Aims to Stop Export of Young Adults From Rural Utah Deseret News 2/15/2018
    Classes on Money Handling Offered Choteau Acantha 2/14/2018
    Predator Control Returns to Grant County Blue Mountain Eagle 2/13/2018
    Lawmaker: Proposed Bill will Create Jobs in Rural Utah The Washington Times 2/12/2018
    Lawmaker: Proposed Bill will Create Jobs in Rural Utah The Seattle Times 2/12/2018
    Lawmaker: Proposed Bill will Create Jobs in Rural Utah KUTV 2/12/2018
    Valley Aviation History Lecture Slated for Wednesday Herald Journal 2/12/2018
    Lawmaker: Proposed Bill will Create Jobs in Rural Utah Wopular 2/12/2018
    Lawmaker: Proposed Bill will Create Jobs in Rural Utah US News 2/12/2018
    Bill Calls on USU Extension to Create Jobs in Rural Utah Counties Herald Journal 2/10/2018
    St. George Academy: New Charter High School Builds on First Year Success St. George News 2/9/2018
    Fruit Tree Basics Learned Over the Years Moab Times 2/8/2018
    30+ Valentine's Day Celebrations in the Beehive State Deseret News 2/5/2018
    Is Hemp Headed to Utah As a Viable Crop Herald Journal 2/5/2018
    Kathy's Corner: Helpful to Save, Not Spend That Future Tax Refund Iron County Today 2/4/2018
    Winter Gardening With Microgreens Fox 13 2/1/2018
    State Farmers Union Leads Conversation About Producer Mental Health The Bismark Tribune 1/30/2018
    Building Positivity in Your Marriage Fox 13 1/30/2018
    Bacon Balsamic Brussels Sprouts KSL Studio 5 1/29/2018
    Pineapple Pear Crisp KSL Studio 5 1/29/2018
    Garden Help Desk: Grafting and Getting Ready for Spring Daily Herald 1/28/2018
    Mind Over Matter: Mantras to Beef Up Your Bank Account KSL Studio 5 1/23/2018
    Tips for Working Together as a Team in Marriage Fox 13 1/22/2018
    Garden Help Desk: Making Room for New Vegetables Daily Herald 1/21/2018
    Wildlife and Roads Don't Mix: Beware of Animals on the Move St. George News 1/21/2018
    Utah Skiing is Getting Greener; Sustainability a Priority at 3 of State's Ski Destinations Vail Daily News 1/20/2018
    Agriculture Workshop Set for Thursday Richfield Reaper 1/15/2018
    "The Final Crop": Valley Residents Debate Pros, Cons of Lost Farmland Herald Journal 1/13/2018
    Extension Programs for Dementia Caregivers, Free Tax Preparation Moab Times 1/11/2018
    Get in Touch with Park City's Natural Side with Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter Park Record 1/10/2018
    Homemade Almond Milk Recipes and Other Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives Fox 13 1/9/2018
    The Inconvenient Youth: Pestering Others on Prosocial Behavior GreenBiz 1/9/2018
    USUS Extension Receives Grants to Assist in 2018 Projects ETV 10 News 1/8/2018
    4-H Youth in Action Awards 4-h.org 1/4/2018
    Organizing Tricks for Christmas Decor Storage KSL Studio 5 1/2/2018
    Mark Your Calendars for USU Extension Master Gardener Classes Castle Country Radio 12/28/2017
    12 Days of Christmas Produce Large Quantities of Fertilizer Daily Herald 12/28/2017
    SAB Biotherapeutics Launches Utah-Based Subsidiary Utah Business 12/22/2017
    How to Put Safety First During the Holidays Utah Public Radio 12/22/2017
    10 Best Healthy Foods of 2017 Fox 13 12/20/2017
    USU Report: Utah Snowmobiles Decline Despite Increasing Population Herald Journal 12/19/2017
    USU Extension Receives Grant for Training Next Generation of Farmers Utah State Today 12/18/2017
    Garden Help Desk: Saving Roses from Winter and Fruit from Deer Daily Herald 12/17/2017
    Coral Canyon Elementary Partnership Wins $100,000 Grant St. George News 12/15/2017
    Coral Canyon Elementary School Selected as First USU Extension 4-H Stem Partner School The Independent 12/14/2017
    Kathy's Corner: Plan to Recycle and Repurpose This Holiday Season Iron County Today 12/14/2017
    USU Extension Gets Grant for Training Future Farmers Sun Advocate 12/12/2017
    The Pilate's Role in Human Diet Capital Press 12/11/2017
    USU Extension Receives Grant for Training Next Generation of Farmers Cache Valley Daily 12/11/2017
    KSL Investigates: The Pros and Cons of Dollar Store Shopping KSL 12/6/2017
    Give Wisely and Avoid Charity Scams KSL Studio 5 12/5/2017
    Cache Valley Families Visit Reindeer at USU Event Herald Journal 12/1/2017
    USU Extension Awarded Grant from Yamaha for Sage-Grouse Conservation Utah State Today 11/30/2017
    USU Extension Awarded Grant from Yamaha for Sage-Grouse Conservation Cache Valley Daily 11/30/2017
    Healthy Holiday Beverages KSL 11/30/2017
    County Employees Decorate and Donate Trees Sun Advocate 11/30/2017
    Sanpete 4-H Family Fun Night Wins Wellness Award Daily Herald 11/30/2017
    10 'Soundbites' from Western Alfalfa and Forage Symposium Western Farm Press 11/30/2017
    Check Your Health: Diabetes Support Group KUTV 11/29/2017
    Garden Help Desk: So You Got a Christmas Cactus Daily Herald 11/26/2017
    Longtime Summit County Employee Recognized with Day in his Honor Park Record 11/25/2017
    Air Quality Evangelists: Clean Air Poster Grows in Fourth Year Herald Journal 11/25/2017
    Talking Turkey - Six Tips for Safe Preparation Daily Herald 11/23/2017
    Tips for Making a Real Tree Last Throughout Christmas Fox 13 11/21/2017
    Garden Help Desk: Making Poinsettias Last All Year Daily Herald 11/19/2017
    Utah's Pando Aspen Grove is the Most Massive Living Thing Known On Earth. It May Die Soon Salt Lake Tribune 11/11/2017
    Thanksgiving Cornucopia Veggie and Fruit Tray Fox 13 11/8/2017
    Trees Bring Beauty and Much More to Valley Residents Herald Journal 11/7/2017
    Garden Help Desk: Saving Your Summer Bulbs Daily Herald 11/5/2017
    A Pressure Cooker is not a Pressure Canner Idaho State Journal 11/4/2017
    The War of the Worlds - In 2017 The Independent 10/28/2017
    U.S. Forest Service Ecologist Says 'Megafires' on the Rise, Suggests Social Change Herald Journal 10/18/2017
    Kathy's Corner: Make your Home and Yard Safe for Trick and Treaters Iron County Today 10/17/2017
    What About Modifying Utah's Food Tax? Herald Journal 10/17/2017
    2017's Best Cities for Vegans Wallethub 10/16/2017
    What is Digging Up My Yard? The Nose Knows. Sun Advocate 10/10/2017
    Little Naturalist Story Time Park Record 10/9/2017
    New USU County Extension Office and Education Center Opens Utah State Today 10/9/2017
    Garden Help Desk: Preparing Trees for Cold Weather Daily Herald 10/8/2017
    BYU Creamery vs. Aggie Ice Cream: And the Winner is... Deseret News 10/4/2017
    Want to Learn to Cook? Park City Culinary Institute and Other Utah Programs can Help Deseret News 10/2/2017
    Garden Help Desk: Storing Pumpkins, Squash and Potatoes this Winter Daily Herald 9/30/2017
    Coyote Close Up: Predator Research Facility Hosts Annual Open House Herald Journal 9/29/2017
    USU Extension Partnership Builds Community Health Daily Herald 9/28/2017
    Planting Tips for Fall KSL Studio 5 9/27/2017
    Food $ense' Class Aims to Help Families Get More Out of Eating Together Utah Public Radio 9/27/2017
    USU Extension Partnership Builds Community Health Sun Advocate 9/26/2017
    Orem Man Threatens to Kill Lawn if City Doesn't Cut its Water Rates Salt Lake Tribune 9/24/2017
    West Bountiful Teen Helps Cancer Patients Through Through 4-H Goat Project Standard Examiner 9/23/2017
    Northern Utah 2017 Fall Colors Expected to Arrive a Little Later, Last Longer Standard Examiner 9/22/2017
    Weed Tour Surveys County Weed Population Sun Advocate 9/22/2017
    Officials Hopeful Uintah Fire Won't Increase Likelihood of Mudslides Standard Examiner 9/20/2017
    What's the Outlook for Fall Colors Across Utah? Good 4 Utah 9/19/2017
    A Can Full of Sunshine Utah Stories 9/19/2017
    Que Delicioso! Lentil Dish Wins Blue Ribbon in Hispanic Heritage Recipe Contest Herald Journal 9/16/2017
    Where to Find the Best Local Produce in September Good 4 Utah 9/14/2017
    Health Department Says Utah Has Higher Suicide Rates Cache Valley Daily 9/14/2017
    Algae Bloom Prompts Advisory for Mantua Reservoir Herald Journal 9/13/2017
    September: Family Mealtime Month KSL 9/11/2017
    Google Joins 4-H, Gives $1.5M to Create Computer Science Program West Virginia Press 9/11/2017
    Save the Space': Cache Makers Seeks Residents' Support, County Funding to Continue Program Herald Journal 9/8/2017
    USU Extension "Create Family Mealtime" Campaign Promotes Making Family Meals a Priority Cache Valley Daily 9/8/2017
    Making Dinner Fun for Kids Fox 13 9/6/2017
    Best Ways to Prepare Your Garden and Lawn for Fall Fox 13 9/6/2017
    Garden Help Desk: How to Help Your Lawn Bounce Back, Eliminate Powdery Mildew Daily Herald 9/6/2017
    USU Aims to teach Students, Prevent Violence with Sex+Respect Week Herald Journal 9/5/2017
    4-H And Google Reaching Beyond Agriculture Utah Public Radio 9/5/2017
    Why the Utah State Fair Remains Relevant 162 Years Later Deseret News 9/5/2017
    USU Extension Faculty Members Receive National Awards Cache Valley Daily 9/1/2017
    Harvest Season Produces Natural Rewards to City Festivals The Spectrum 8/31/2017
    USU Extension Helps Craft New 4-H-Google Partnership Herald Journal 8/29/2017
    USU Extension 4-H Program Takes Lead With Google Partnership Cache Valley Daily 8/28/2017
    Feast Utah Brings community Together to Celebrate, Address Food Issues Daily Herald 8/26/2017
    USU Extension 4-H Members Auction Off Horses As Part of Wild Mustang Challenge Emery County Progress 8/25/2017
    Close Encounters of the Wildlife Kind: Personal Protection Strategies The Independent 8/19/2017
    USU Display Roofs Educate on Science of Water Runoff Herald Journal 8/16/2017
    Garden Help Desk: Finding the Right Solution for Lawn Clippings, Onions and Vines Daily Herald 8/16/2017
    Tips for Tackling Laundry: Helping Family Members be Safe and Successful Iron County Today 8/15/2017
    Google and 4-H Collaborate to Bring Computer Science to Kids Agdaily 8/14/2017
    4-H and Google Team Up to Bring Computer Science Education to Kids Across the Country Markets Insider 8/11/2017
    What is Food $ense? Fox 13 8/8/2017
    New Air-Conditioned Exhibit Hall Opens Just in Time for Washington County Fair St. George News 8/7/2017
    What to do with all that Extra Zucchini KSL Studio 5 8/7/2017
    Tips & Tricks for Food Preservation Fox 13 8/7/2017
    USU Dealing with Elm Seed Bugs, Utah's Newest Pest Cache Valley Daily 8/5/2017
    Garden Help Desk: Making Sure Your Plants Get the Right Amount of Water Daily Herald 8/2/2017
    Piute County Community Garden Helping to Grow Food and Skills The Richfield Reaper 8/2/2017
    Nine Ways to Create Easy Meals The Independent 8/2/2017
    4-H Fair Season Preparations Good 4 Utah 8/2/2017
    3 Plant Problems Utah Gardeners are Dealing with and How to Solve Them Fox 13 8/1/2017
    Kathy's Corner: Tips for Low Sugar Food Storage Iron County Today 7/28/2017
    Legacy Farms are a 'Big Deal' in Cache Valley Cache Valley Daily 7/27/2017
    There's a New Pest in Town Cache Valley Daily 7/26/2017
    How Can I Keep My Landscape Looking Lovely in the Heat Cache Valley Daily 7/24/2017
    How to Keep Landscapes Looking Lovely in the Heat The Independent 7/23/2017
    Tips for Healthy Road Trips The Independent 7/21/2017
    U.S. Panel Lifts Ban on Slaughtering Horses for Meat Utah Public Radio 7/20/2017
    Large Population of Elm Seed Bugs are Harmless but Stinky Standard Examiner 7/19/2017
    Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt; Ease Your Financial Burden The Daily News 7/19/2017
    Health Department Partners with Local Growers for Upcoming Farmer's Market Park Record 7/18/2017
    The Truth About Expiration Dates Fox 13 7/18/2017
    Maple Trees Turning Yellow Broomfield Enterprise 7/17/2017
    25K Jobs Launch Tour Kicks Off in Brigham City Good 4 Utah 7/17/2017
    Last Ride for Dinosaur's Original 'Weed Warrior' Deseret News 7/16/2017
    Developing a Financial Margin of Safety Pays Big Dividends New Jersey Herald 7/16/2017
    USU Study: Low-Income Earners Spend More in Order to Avoid Outdoor Site Fees Daily Herald 7/15/2017
    What's Up With That? Dwindling Sego Lily State Flower Status Offers No Protection Herald Journal 7/14/2017
    Utah Prep Program Helps STEM Student Success Daily Herald 7/14/2017
    County Seeks USU Commitment to New Campus Moab Sun News 7/13/2017
    Park City: Voted America's Favorite Mountain Town KSL 7/13/2017
    Valley Residents, Business Complain About Extreme Fire Blight Herald Journal 7/12/2017
    Garden Help Desk: How to Get Rid of Gophers and Grow Sweet Cucumbers Daily Herald 7/12/2017
    USU Extension Teams Up with Carbon County Rec to Host Science Camp Castle Country Radio 7/11/2017
    County Ag Agents Converging on Utah this Week Herald Journal 7/11/2017
    Five Factors that Determine Your Sense of Well-Being The Independent 7/8/2017
    Have You Tried Spiralized Veggies? Here are Three Recipes that You'll Love Fox 13 7/5/2017
    Pet Safety for Fireworks Season Emery County Progress 6/30/2017
    USU Offers Free Youth Training Classes for Jobs in the Culinary World Salt Lake Tribune 6/29/2017
    Tips for Summer Adventures in Utah's Outdoors Daily Herald 6/22/2017
    Garden Help Desk: How to Tackle Peach Tree Problems, Ant Swarms and Quackgrass Daily Herald 6/20/2017
    Try These Quick Fixes to Get Your Yard Ready for Events St. George News 6/18/2017
    Logan River Planting Showcases Restoration Process Herald Journal 6/17/2017
    Birds-Eye View: How Dead Birds Are Changing Windows at USU Deseret News 6/11/2017
    USU Extension Offers Master Naturalist Program The Independent 6/10/2017
    Learn about the Bear River Watershed, and Enjoy Free Fishing this Weekend Cache Valley Daily 6/7/2017
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    The Original Produce Section': Farmers Markets Provide Enterprise and Educational Opportunities Deseret News 6/6/2017
    2017 Bear River Celebration Set for June 10 Utah State Today 6/5/2017
    Tips for Choosing a Financial Advisor The Independent 6/5/2017
    Explore Utah's Natural World Through USU Extension Master Naturalist Program Deseret News 6/5/2017
    A Closer Look at Utah's 5 Most Wanted Weeds Standard Examiner 6/2/2017
    Double Up' PRogram Returns to Gardener's Market Herald Journal 6/2/2017
    Try these 4 Recipes that Incorporate Dates Fox 13 6/2/2017
    Don't Maintain; A False Sense of Security Mesquite Local News 5/31/2017
    Tips for Summer Adventures in Utah's Outdoors Cache Valley Daily 5/31/2017
    Round Valley Seen as Park City's Carbon Sponge Park Record 5/30/2017
    Logan Community Gardens Improved for Second Year Herald Journal 5/30/2017
    Kick Off to Summer: Expert RV Tips KSL Studio 5 5/23/2017
    Tractor Supply Paper Clover Campaign Raises $825,000 for 4-H Youths Deseret News 5/23/2017
    Tips for Tree Planting The Independent 5/23/2017
    Grow More Blooms by Dividing Plants KSL Studio 5 5/18/2017
    Hope for Utah's Gardeners After Freezing Weather Threatens Plants Utah Public Radio 5/17/2017
    Hope for Utah's Gardeners After Freezing Weather Threatens Plants Utah State Today 5/17/2017
    Wait Until Weekend After Cold Snap to Plant Some of Your Vegetables KUTV 5/16/2017
    Utah Forecast: A Winter Storm in Mid-May? Inconceivable, and Yet there is. Salt Lake Tribune 5/15/2017
    USU Extension Wins Best of State Award Herald Journal 5/15/2017
    Help! My Garden Won't Grow Utah Stories 5/12/2017
    How to Combat 13 Barriers to Relationship Fun The Independent 5/12/2017
    Your Weekend: Adorable Baby Animals, Pancakes and a Pair of Heritage Festivals Deseret News 5/11/2017
    "Combinations for Conservation" Released by USU Extension The Independent 5/11/2017
    Whitney Cornell Selected as 4-H State Ambassador Southern Utah News 5/11/2017
    Baby Animal Days to Take Place in Kaysville Standard Examiner 5/9/2017
    We had a Visit from a Baby Goat, Donkey, Potbelly Pig and Lamb Fox 13 5/9/2017
    New Low-Water Landscaping Book Released by USU Extension Cache Valley Daily 5/8/2017
    USU-Moab Class of 2017 Finds Support at Tight-Knit School Moab Sun News 5/4/2017
    USU Extension Honored with Best of State Award Utah State Today 5/4/2017
    The Best Food in Utah Food Network 5/4/2017
    Citizen Science; Volunteers Needed for Lakes, Rivers, Streams St. George News 5/3/2017
    Too Much Rain Damages Cache Valley Crops KSL 5/2/2017
    USU Extension to Offer Cooking/Finance Classes for Spanish Speakers Cache Valley Daily 4/27/2017
    Odd Vegetables you Should Try + 2 Healthy Recipes Fox 13 4/26/2017
    Gardening and Living in Grand Style Don't Damage your Soil Moab Times 4/26/2017
    How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs and Other Pests Fox 13 4/21/2017
    Swaner Preserve Weekly Nature Walks give Public a Chance to Mingle with Wildlife Park Record 4/18/2017
    Want to Attract Bees? Plant Flowers, Avoid Pesticides, Experts Say Salt Lake Tribune 4/18/2017
    Spring Clean you Life - Less is More The Independent 4/17/2017
    USU Extension Launches Online Gardening Courses The Independent 4/14/2017
    Repair, Don't Replace: Patagonia Fixes USU Students' Clothes, Touts Sustainability Herald Journal 4/13/2017
    Conifer Removal Improves Sage-Grouse Habitat Utah Public Radio 4/5/2017
    What to Plant for Spring Fox 13 4/4/2017
    Cache Makers Hosting 'Sampler Saturday' Herald Journal 4/4/2017
    USU Extension Releases New Gardening Book Herald Journal 4/1/2017
    Swaner EcoCenter Focuses on Bugs' Big World Park Record 3/31/2017
    Springtime Pruning Tips for a USU Horticulturist Fox 13 3/30/2017
    Community Invited to Meet the Producers at Swaner EcoCenter Park Record 3/28/2017
    USU Boxelder Bug Population Spikes in Spring The Utah Statesman 3/27/2017
    Early Bloom a Concern for Utah Fruit Flowers KSL 3/18/2017
    How to Find Reports on Drinking Water Quality Standard Examiner 3/18/2017
    Record Warmth can Lead to Early Plant Growth Good 4 Utah 3/16/2017
    Putting your Best Fork Forward for National Nutrition Month KSL 3/16/2017
    New Gardening Book Released by USU Extension UB Media 3/14/2017
    Get a Timely Start to Gardening Season with 4 O'Clocks The Day 3/10/2017
    Farm Safety Course Offered to Youth Sanpete Messenger 3/9/2017
    Is it too Soon to Start Gardening? How to Know and What You can do to Prepare for Spring Fox 13 3/9/2017
    Fairgrounds Expansion to Offer Home for Extension Office, Events St. George News 3/8/2017
    USU Extension Protects Sage-Grouse by Clearing Conifers Cache Valley Daily 3/7/2017
    Recipes: Healthy, Low Sugar Desserts Fox 13 3/3/2017
    Dining with Diabetes' Program Helps Keep People in Check KSL 3/2/2017
    Winter Weather Causing Problems with Cache Valley Agriculture Cache Valley Daily 3/2/2017
    Become a Saver - Get Out of Debt First Journal Advocate 3/2/2017
    Free Talk on Eco-Ethics Moab Sun News 3/2/2017
    Cooks' Exchange: Recipes Straight Out of Wonderful March High School Memories Wisconsin State Journal 3/1/2017
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    Roy High School Teens Bring Healthy Family Fun to Community KSL 2/27/2017
    How to Start the Money Conversation The Independent 2/24/2017
    Tips for Salvaging Carpets and Clothes After Floods The Independent 2/18/2017
    4-H Receives Grant to Create Makerspace; Member Wins Super Bowl Video Contest St. George News 2/16/2017
    7 Tips for Salvaging Carpets and Clothes After Floods KSL 2/14/2017
    Locavores Unite to Create Moab Local Sticker for Restaurants Moab Times 2/14/2017
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    National Canned Foods Month is Here! The Inquisitr 2/14/2017
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    Fertilizing Fruit Trees and Growing Vegetable Transplants Moab Times 1/28/2017
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    Portable Emergency Food Storage The Spectrum 1/17/2017
    A Gardeners Best Friend: The Cold Frame, Part 2.. Moab Times 1/17/2017
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    USU's Governor's Medal Recipients' Talk Research, Career Herald Journal 1/10/2017
    USU Agriculture in the Classroom Partners to Provide School Garden Program Cache Valley Daily 1/10/2017
    Utah County 4-H Ambassadors Complete Service Project for Refugees Serve Daily 1/5/2017
    Entrada Snags $50,000 Richfield Reaper 12/31/2016
    Nine tips for Fostering Gratitude Through the Holidays and Beyond The Independent 12/28/2016
    Recent Snowfall Collapses USU Greenhouse Herald Journal 12/28/2016
    Accurate Financial Records Crucial to Farm Management Herald Journal 12/27/2016
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    A Year For Women in Politics: USU Makes History The Utah Statesman 11/29/2016
    Workshop Focuses on Making Money with Small-Scale Farms, Ranches St. George News 11/23/2016
    Board of Regents Approves New USU Dairy Barn Herald Journal 11/18/2016
    Avoid the Rake, Leave Your Leaves Utah Public Radio 11/17/2016
    Expressing Gratitude Helps Us All Moab Times 11/17/2016
    New Pest Found in Utah Homes - the Elm Seed Bugs Cache Valley Daily 11/11/2016
    Pesticide Handling classes Offered Daily Herald 11/10/2016
    USU Extension Wildlife Specialist Recognized Nationally for Conservation Impacts Cache Valley Daily 11/7/2016
    Vegetable Gardening Indoors for Winter Harvest Daily Record 11/3/2016
    Plant Blamed for Salem Witch Trials Found in Utah KSL 10/31/2016
    Compost Project aims to "Break it Down" Moab Sun News 10/27/2016
    USU Extension Conservation Program Earns Achievement Award Utah State Today 10/27/2016
    Utah State Picks Longtime Administrator , Professor Cockett as New President Deseret News 10/26/2016
    Provost Noelle Cockett Tapped to be USU President Herald Journal 10/26/2016
    Dr. Noelle Cockett Named New USU President of Utah State University Utah System of Higher Education 10/26/2016
    Honor Beyond Anything': Ag Science Building Named for USU President Stan Albrecht Herald Journal 10/21/2016
    Easy Breakfast to Bring the Family Together KSL Studio 5 10/19/2016
    Small Changes can Make for a Healthier Life Moab Times 10/19/2016
    Biblical Plague? Aphids Swarm Utah County Daily Herald 10/18/2016
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    Starting a Food Business Workshop Offered by Cooperative Extension Nevada Today 10/13/2016
    Time to Get your Lawn Ready for Winter Weather Sun Advocate 10/12/2016
    What's Up With That? Wellsville Reservoir Algae Not Toxic Herald Journal 10/11/2016
    Ways to Accelerate the Repayment of Student Loans New Jersey Herald 10/9/2016
    Far from the Fray: Veterans Day Trail Rides Make 'the World Stand Still for a Second' Military Times 10/8/2016
    How to Stop Good from Going Bad Greatist 10/5/2016
    Far from the Fray: Veterans Ride Horses for Therapeutic Benefits Herald Journal 10/1/2016
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    Summit County Junior Livestock Auction Nets More than $459,000 Park Record 8/26/2016
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    Be Water Wise Moab Sun News 8/25/2016
    Tips for Teaching Children to Manage Money Cache Valley Daily 8/24/2016
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    Barren Patch May Blossom on Helper Main Sun Advocate 8/11/2016
    Raspberry Roulette: Production Up Statewide, White Bear Lake Struggles Herald Journal 8/6/2016
    Late Season Planting to Get More Crops, Fewer Weeds Sun Advocate 8/4/2016
    Farmers Must Plan Ahead for the Veterinary Feed Directive EBarrelRacing.com 8/3/2016
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    Good News for Steam Canner Users The Spectrum 8/2/2016
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    Utah State University's Botanical Center Farmers Market KUED 8/1/2016
    Utah County Farmers, Veterinarians Affected by Federal Feed Directive Daily Herald 7/28/2016
    Keep a Lid on It: USU Geologist Probe Geologic Carbon Storage Utah State Today 7/28/2016
    Utah State Professor Receives Agricultural Educator Award Deseret News 7/27/2016
    USU Extension 4-H State Contests Showcase Talented Youth Cache Valley Daily 7/27/2016
    There's Still Time for a Fall Vegetable Crop Moab Times 7/27/2016
    New regs Limits Meds in Livestock Feed The Preston Citizen 7/27/2016
    ASAP Student Identifies Potential Areas for Economic Development Moab Times 7/27/2016
    Aggie Ice Cream Voted Utah's Best Local Ice Cream Shop KSL 7/26/2016
    Aspen: Utah's State Tree, How to Grow it in Your Own Backyard St. George News 7/23/2016
    Free Fatherhood Classes Helping Today's Dads Daily Herald 7/23/2016
    Fire Destroys 4-H Dog Program Equipment in Advance of Upcoming Shows Herald Journal 7/19/2016
    Tips for Perfect Summer Picnic The Utah Statesman 7/16/2016
    Five Wildfire Hikes to Check Out this Summer KSL Studio 5 7/14/2016
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    Take Steps to Minimize the Risk of Wildfire Bozeman Daily Chronicle 7/12/2016
    USU Study Finds benefits to Community-Supported Agriculture Herald Journal 7/12/2016
    New Director Named for Utah Small Business Development Center Cache Valley Daily 7/12/2016
    USU Student to Attend Prominent FFA Conference Herald Journal 7/8/2016
    Expert Advice for Safe Home Canning Sun Advocate 7/7/2016
    Extension Provides Wide Range of Services San Juan Record 7/6/2016
    Finding Answers to Poverty Richfield Reaper 7/6/2016
    Help Reduce Wasted Food in Your Community The Spectrum 7/5/2016
    Freedom Fire Honors Cache Valley Farming Families Herald Journal 7/1/2016
    Expert to Teach Class on Water-Efficient Plants for Utah Gardens Good 4 Utah 6/30/2016
    Wildfires Signal Good 4 Utah 6/30/2016
    Swaner Turns Out Master Naturalist Every Summer Park Record 6/24/2016
    Up, Up, and Away with Cache Makers Cache Valley Daily 6/23/2016
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    Crunch and Munch Fresh Produce This Summer The Spectrum 6/21/2016
    Water Too Much? Not Enough? Water Check Program Helps Property Owners Know KSL 6/19/2016
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    Girls Launch then Track Balloon that Soars 21 Miles Above the Earth Cache Valley Daily 6/12/2016
    Reach for the Sky: Cache Maker Girl Launch Microsatellite Herald Journal 6/11/2016
    USU Extension Water Check Program Castle Country Radio 6/10/2016
    Thinning the Fruit on Your Trees Sun Advocate 6/9/2016
    The Summer Job: Here's How Teens can Take the Initiative Deseret News 6/8/2016
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    USU Extension 4-H Youth Participate in Maker Fire Cache Valley Daily 6/3/2016
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    Smart Sprinkler Controls: 'The Future of Irrigation' Standard Examiner 6/2/2016
    The Graying of Rural America The Atlantic 6/2/2016
    Hidden Garden Tour Turns 20 Utah Stories 5/31/2016
    Teaching Responsibility: Some Cities Relax Animal Ordinances for 4-H, Others don't Factor it into Policy Herald Journal 5/28/2016
    Second Graders Learn Outside the Classroom by Planting Aspens Utah Public Radio 5/24/2016
    Proper Management of Riparian Areas Benefits All Capital Press 5/23/2016
    Edith Bowen Students Plant Aspens on Blacksmith Fork River Herald Journal 5/21/2016
    What You Need to Know for Vegetable Gardening Fox 13 5/18/2016
    Seeking Applicants for Century Farm and Ranch Status Herald Journal 5/17/2016
    Don't Make Utah Agriculture a Scapegoat for What's Happening to the Great Salt Lake Standard Examiner 5/17/2016
    Strengthening Communication and Appreciation in Families The Spectrum 5/10/2016
    Baby Animal Days at USU Botanical Gardens Fox 13 5/6/2016
    Plots Available in Logan's Community Garden Herald Journal 5/4/2016
    What I have Learned During Tax Season Moab Times 5/4/2016
    Better Cows: USU Caine Dairy First in Top 10 College Dairies Herald Journal 5/3/2016
    Twice the Animals, Twice the Fun at USU's Baby Animal Days Standard Examiner 4/29/2016
    Students in 4-H from Across Utah Participate in Mock Legislature at State Capitol Fox 13 4/24/2016
    Cowboy Practices What He Teaches Capital Press 4/23/2016
    The Foundation of a Great Garden KSL Studio 5 4/22/2016
    USU Extension 4-H Field Trips Teach Valuable Skills Cache Valley Daily 4/22/2016
    A Tireless Worker:' Friends, Colleagues Remember Hector Mendiola's Impact Herald Journal 4/21/2016
    What's Happening in the Garden Moab Times 4/21/2016
    Don't Be a Waterhog: 7 Ways to Grow a Vegetable Garden with Less H2O Salt Lake Tribune 4/21/2016
    USU Extension 4-H Members to Participate in Mock Legislature Cache Valley Daily 4/15/2016
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    USU Extension 4-H Members to Participate in Mock Legislature Utah State Today 4/14/2016
    Tips for Freezing Food The Independent 4/14/2016
    Who to Trust for Financial Advice, 7 Tips The Spectrum 4/12/2016
    Good Soil Preparation Can Help Plants Thrive Topeka Capital Journal 4/8/2016
    Clean and Plentiful: Logan Residents Enjoy Some of the Nation's Cleanest Drinking Water Herald Journal 4/2/2016
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    Zesty Vignettes on this Week's Zesty Garden Utah Public Radio 4/1/2016
    Around Utah March Utah Business 4/1/2016
    Utah Legislature Looks to USE for Water Conservation Cache Valley Daily 4/1/2016
    USDA NIFA Sponsors Extension Sustainability Summit Utah State Today 3/31/2016
    Students Get Close-Up Look at Utah County Agriculture Deseret News 3/30/2016
    Whole-House Water Treatment Systems and the Flint Water Crisis Michigan State University Extension 3/30/2016
    Tips for Spring Cleaning Freezer The Spectrum 3/29/2016
    Northern Utah Water Conference Set for Tuesday Herald Journal 3/26/2016
    USU Extension gets $1.2 Million in Funding for New Office in Davis County Cache Valley Daily 3/24/2016
    Downsized Veggie Gardens, Mexican Bean Beetle Control, and Don't Plant Jupiter's Beard Utah Public Radio 3/24/2016
    Casey Saxton Excited for Opportunity to Run for Cache County Council Cache Valley Daily 3/18/2016
    Peach Pruning, Community Gardens, and Arugula on Zesty Garden Utah Public Radio 3/18/2016
    Eat Green for a Healthy St. Patrick's Day and Beyond Cache Valley Daily 3/17/2016
    Eat Green for a Healthy St. Patrick's Day and Beyond The Spectrum 3/15/2016
    Water Forecast Looking Rosy as Cache Valley Moves into Spring Herald Journal 3/15/2016
    4-H Healthy Living Field Trips Held at Utah State Utah Public Radio 3/15/2016
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    3 Tips for Planting the Perfect Garden Good 4 Utah 3/10/2016
    Four Tips for Safe Online Shopping The Independent 2/27/2016
    Small Business Development Center Relocates to Utah State Utah Public Radio 2/19/2016
    Logan City Will be Getting Help from US in Creating Community Gardens Cache Valley Daily 2/19/2016
    How to Eat More Veggie, Even if you Don't Like Them The Spectrum 2/16/2016
    Utah 4-H Youth Compete Nationally, Washington County Teen Places 4th St. George News 2/14/2016
    The New Normal Nevada Scientists and American Indian Tribal Members Talk Climate Change Realities at AAAS UCW Newswire 2/14/2016
    Logan River Task Force Unveils River Action Plan to Public Herald Journal 2/12/2016
    USU to Host Small Business Development Center Network Deseret News 2/10/2016
    Logan to Launch City-Sponsored Community Garden Herald Journal 2/10/2016
    Recipe: Small Skillet Lasagna Fox 13 2/9/2016
    Early Insect Control and Shrub Pruning Before Bud Break Moab Times 2/9/2016
    Pleasant Grove HIgh Student Named to National 4-H Team Daily Herald 2/7/2016
    USU Extension Co-Sponsors National Sagebrush Conference Cache Valley Daily 2/6/2016
    USU President Stan Albrecht to Retire, Employees Share Experiences The Utah Statesman 2/4/2016
    Prey DNA in Spider Webs, a Pain Index and Diane Alston on the Zesty Garden Utah Public Radio 2/4/2016
    Utah State to Host Statewide Small Business Program Herald Journal 2/2/2016
    Five Tips for Indoor Gardening Cache Valley Daily 2/1/2016
    New County Trails Planner, Aims to Provide Increased Recreational Opportunities Herald Journal 2/1/2016
    Science Unwrapped Blends Science, Activities Herald Journal 1/30/2016
    Undergraduate Researchers Share Their Work with Utah Legislators Utah Public Radio 1/29/2016
    Free Tax Help now Available Through March 31st Moab Sun News 1/28/2016
    University Students Showcase their Research at Capitol Deseret News 1/26/2016
    Call for Help to Determine the Future of the Logan River Cache Valley Daily 1/26/2016
    El Nino Means it's Warmer Than Usual. Take Away El Nino? That's Warmer than Usual. BayNature 1/26/2016
    USU Professor New Head of Western Agriculture Program Herald Journal 1/25/2016
    USU Professor Elected President of International Education Association Utah Public Radio 1/23/2016
    Utah's Dating Pool Dilemma The Spectrum 1/23/2016
    Residents Invited to Plant Native Trees by Logan River Herald Journal 1/20/2016
    As Winter Winds down, Farmer Education Event Ramps Up Herald Journal 1/19/2016
    What's Changed About the New USDA Dietary Guidelines? The Spectrum 1/19/2016
    Whats Up Down South Showcases Networking, Knowledge The Spectrum 1/14/2016
    Using Plastic to Save Trees Plastics News 1/14/2016
    Washington County Extension Professor to Receive Governor's Medal St. George News 1/2/2016
    Class to Offer Tips on Eating Healthy on a Budget Deseret News 12/31/2015
    Set Realistic Goals, Enlist Others to Keep New Year's Resolutions The Times Tribune 12/27/2015
    Financial Records Essential to Business of Farming Herald Journal 12/8/2015
    Laundry Tips to Alleviate Stress The Spectrum 12/8/2015
    Broke as a Joke: How Students can Budget Better The Utah Statesman 12/7/2015
    USU Becomes First Utah School to Join Campaign to Stop Hunger Cache Valley Daily 12/6/2015
    Utah 4-H Mentoring Program Spreads Nationwide, Benefits from $9.8M Grant Renewal St. George News 12/6/2015
    How to Pick a Live Christmas Tree + Keep it Alive Throughout the Season Fox 13 11/30/2015
    New Flexible Sidewalk Could Save Trees Herald Journal 11/25/2015
    USU Extension Program Awarded $7.6 Million Grant The Utah Statesman 11/19/2015
    USU Receives $7.6M for Relationship Education Program Herald Journal 11/17/2015
    USU Awarded $7.6 Million Grant for Fatherhood Education Deseret News 11/13/2015
    Department of Agriculture And Food to Promote Pesticide Safety Utah Public Radio 11/3/2015
    Catch a Chocolate Festival in November The Salt Lake Tribune 11/3/2015
    All Utahns Benefit as USU Breaks Another Record for Research Funding Salt Lake Tribune 10/31/2015
    USU Extension 4-H Meat Donation Program Tops 100 Pounds Cache Valley Daily 10/16/2015
    Accidental Professor' Shares Journey at USU Inaugural Prof Lecture Utah State Today 10/15/2015
    What's Up with That? Bring on the Fall Colors Herald Journal 10/12/2015
    5 of the Most Common Spider Species in Utah KSL 10/10/2015
    USU 4-H Club Donates 1M Pounds of Meat to Utah Food Bank KSL 10/10/2015
    Baby Steps to Budgeting KSL Studio 5 10/8/2015
    Keeping Your Ornamental Grass Healthy Fox 13 10/5/2015
    Tasty Meals and Snacks to Eat on the Go The Utah Statesman 10/4/2015
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