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Posted by: Dennis Hinkamp on Sep 17, 2012

It Has Been a Great Centennial Year for 4-H

Writer: Julene Reese, 435-797-0810

Contact: Kevin Kesler, 435-797-0930


USU Extension 4-H Centennial Celebration: Event of the Century


            Approximately 750 people participated in “Celebrating the Past, Creating the Future,” the Utah State University Extension 4-H centennial celebration held on the USU campus July 12-14. In one full day and two part days, 29 contests, 92 workshops and three general sessions were held that included speakers, talent displays and awards, a myriad of activities, a BBQ, an alumni reunion and the opening of a time capsule that had been sealed for 37 years.


            Kevin Kesler, USU Extension director of 4-H and youth programs, said there were 500 people registered for the events and nearly 250 additional people who attended the 4-H alumni reunion and family day activities.


            “It was a wonderful event, and I am so proud of our staff and colleagues for the way they provided our 4-H youth, families and alumni with such a spectacular celebration of Utah

4-H,” he said.


            A special Aggie ice cream flavor, Clover Craze, was created for the celebration, and a human clover picture was taken with 200 people.


            Six people were inducted into the Utah 4-H Hall of Fame, including Robert Gilliland, Kelly B. Maxfield, Evan Olsen, F. Ross Peterson, Deloris Stokes and Olene S. Walker.  University and community officials, along with 500 4-H youth, volunteers and alumni, were on hand for the awards program. The Utah 4-H Hall of Fame promotes the value of Utah 4?H membership by recognizing notable people in the state who were 4?H members and attribute their success in life to their 4?H experience. Information on award winners is available at


            In conjunction with the celebration, Senator Mike Lee presented a congressional reading on the Senate floor explaining the roots of Utah 4-H and touting its impact on youth, available at

For the past 100 years, the 4-H Club of Utah has provided youth with the opportunity to cultivate and continue our Nation's rich agricultural heritage while simultaneously training them in the technologies and advancements of the future,” the reading states. “Thus, Utah 4-H's centennial theme ? ‘Celebrating the Past, Creating the Future’ ? is particularly pertinent. I find it appropriate to commemorate Utah 4-H at its centennial in the halls and records of Congress.”

            Kesler said he couldn’t have been happier with the way the Centennial celebration turned out.


“It truly was a celebration of the past and preparation for the future,” he said. “I won’t be around for the 200 year 4-H celebration, but from what I saw at the 100-year event, 4-H will definitely be here.”




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