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Posted by: Dennis Hinkamp on Sep 12, 2012

Supply List for Rumen Cannulation Video

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Supply List for Rumen Cannulation Video

Surgical Preperation:

1.     Clippers (Andis Super AGR ) and for a close shave #40 blade

2.     Povidone-iodine surgical scrub soaked into Dermacea™ 4”x4” gauze sponges

3.     Isopropyl Alcohol 70% soaked into Dermacea™ 4”x4” gauze sponges

4.     Povidone-iodine topical solution 1%  in a chemical resistant spray bottle

Block (local anesthesia) and pre-surgery treatment:

1.     Flunixin meglumine (Banamine©) IV – NSAID to manage pain and inflammation

2.     Oxytetracycline (200 mg/ml)  given intravenously – antibiotic

3.     Lidocaine injectable (lidocaine hydrochloride 2%) – for local anesthetic block


1.     Sterile surgical gloves

2.     Surgery mask

3.     Surgical cap

4.     Surgical blade handle, size 4

5.     Miltex carbon steel surgical blade, size 21

6.     Backhous towel clamps, 4 to 5

7.     Bar Diamond 4” cannula rolled

8.     Jorgenson #4  3/8 circle reverse cutting needle

9.     Suture #2 Polyamid

10.                        Olson Hager 7 inch carbon tipped needle holder with scissors

11.                        Permethrin (0.5%) topical wound spray (i.e., Catron IV)


The animal surgery demonstrated in this video was approved under USU’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).


For further information contact: 

Kerry A. Rood, MS, DVM

Associate Professor and Extension Veterinarian

5600 Old Main Hill

Logan, UT 84322-5600

435-797-1882 (office)


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