How do I go about planting yams? We have already started the roots forming in a jar of water but need to know how to plant them. Thanks for your response. Duane



Sweet potatoes (often called yams, although they are technically different plants) are a long warm season crop. You will be more successful growing them in southern Utah because of their longer season and warmer temperatures. 

You can read details about growing sweet potatoes in USU Extension's publication "Sweet Potatoes in the Garden", at http://extension.usu.edu/files/publications/sweetpotato2006-10.pdf

In Northern Utah, I would recommend pre-heating the soil in the area you will grow the sweet potatoes. Cover it with black plastic for a week or so before planting. Then you may cut planting holes and plant the slips in those holes, with the black plastic still covering the soil in the row. This works best with drip irrigation. 

During the cooler nights of early summer, cover the rows with floating row cover to keep the plants warmer.

Good gardening! 

Posted on 7 May 2007

Maggie Wolf
Horticulture Agent, Salt Lake County

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