Do you have the names of companies or individuals who spray fruit trees in the spring and summer to prevent bugs and disease?



USU Extension does not keep a list of commercial pesticide applicators that would spray home orchards.

When hiring any pesticide applicator, be sure that they are licensed and registered. You can see a list of Commercial Pesticide Applicators at the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food webpage, http://ag.utah.gov/licenses/Cur_Lic.html

If you would like to know how to manage pests in your home orchard, USU Extension has a very useful publication titled "Home Orchard Pest Management Guide", available online at http://extension.usu.edu/files/publications/publication/HG_137pdf

In addition, the USU Extension Integrated Pest Management website offers frequently updated "Tree Fruit Advisories" so that home orchard growers will know when to watch for and spray for certain tree fruit pests. The link to that site is: http://utahpests.usu.edu/ipm/htm/advisories/treefruit

Good gardening!

Posted on 4 Apr 2007

Maggie Wolf
Horticulture Agent, Salt Lake County

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