How can I add some color to my home now that the holiday decor is gone?



If your home looks empty and dreary after taking down the holiday decor, consider an exotic plant to help spruce things up. Many indoor plants are easy to grow and will lighten up a room with splashes of color.

* The Chinese Lantern, which is also called a flowering maple, has a maple-shaped leaf with a white edge variegation. It produces striking orange blossoms periodically and prefers a cool room (around 65 degrees) and direct southern light.
* The Bloodleaf and Purple Heart plants, both of which have red to purple colored leaves, enjoy subtle lighting.
* The Aluminum plant has silvery foliage and requires less light.
* The Snake plant is upright with a yellow variegation on the leaf edges.
* Some plants that may require a bit more attention include the Nerve plant, which has a deep green leaf with red to pink veins; the Watermelon Peperomia, which is gray-green with unusual color patterns; and the Polka Dot plant, which has pink splotches. They all need to be kept on the moist side.
* The Croton is one of the most colorful indoor plants. The leaves can display shades of red, yellow, light green, orange and almost black. They need plenty of light and should not be moved once a permanent location is found.
* The Tricolor Dracaena also needs good lighting to keep its colors of green, pink and white. The upright and palm-like appearance makes it a good choice for a corner.

Posted on 24 Jan 2000

Jerry Goodspeed
County Director, Horticulture Agent, Weber County

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