I need to buy some tree spacers to reshape my fruit trees. Where can I buy tree spacers?



I have seen some fruit tree spreader bars in the Stark Brothers catalog, and I suppose they are also available in other fruit tree catalogs.

You can make them yourself with sturdy tree branches that have been pruned from a tree. First figure out where you want to lodge the spreader bar then cut the dead limb to fit. You can attach it to the tree by two different methods:

cut both ends flush, drill a pilot hole in the end and screw in a one and one-half or two inch screw. Cut or file the screw head off and sharpen the end to a point. Then jab the pointy ends into the tree branch and/or trunk so it will stay secure. If you make only one small hole in the branch, it will not cause significant damage to that branch.

cut both ends in notches, then secure it into place on the tree by fitting the notched ends into branch crotches.

Good gardening!

Posted on 5 Apr 2007

Maggie Wolf
Horticulture Agent, Salt Lake County

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