Does my stored food still have any nutritional value?



Nutrients in food are affected by exposure to heat, light, and air. There are many nutrients to consider in stored foods. Following are some effects of storage on some nutrients:
· Calories - foods continue to provide needed energy over time
· Minerals - very little change in stored foods
· Carbohydrates - very little change in stored foods
· Proteins - change in reaction in recipe; for example old wheat flour will not rise, because the proteins are unable to form gluten
· Fats - oxidation (become rancid) creates off flavors and odors
· Vitamins - some loss over time; destroyed by heat, light, and oxidation. Storing and eating a variety of foods can assure adequate vitamin intake.

Rotate stored food within 2 to 3 years to maintain optimal nutritional value.

Posted on 13 Sep 2006

Pauline Williams
Family & Consumer Sciences and 4-H Agent, Salt Lake County

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