Where can I find an extensive list of drought tolerant trees, perennials and shrubs?



We are working on a list of low water use plants to add to our website, so keep checking for that!

There is currently a lengthy publication on our Extension website called ‘Water Wise Landscaping' that has a list of plants starting on page 37 (http://web2.ad.ext.usu.edu/drought/htm/publications/publication=5859) as well as a bulletin on ‘Selection and Culture of Landscape Plants in Utah (http://web2.ad.ext.usu.edu/drought/htm/publications/publication=5859). Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District has a website highlighting the drought tolerant plants in their demonstration garden (http://www.jvwcd.org/STF/stf.html). The Salt Lake City Dept of Utilities just came out with a really nice park strip guide with some perennial plant suggestions (http://www.slcgov.com/utilities/conservation/pdf/parkstrip.pdf)

Posted on 11 Sep 2006

Nancy Mesner
Program Leader, Water quality Specialist

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