We currently have an elm tree in our front yard. It has been diagnosed with slime flux. We would like to plant another tree next to it,seeing as they said the stump was so big that they would just leave it. Will this cause a problem for any other trees? We want another large shade tree. Will it get the slime flux too if we plant it near it?



Slime flux is a bacterial disease that enters trees through openings or wounds on the tree.  The bacteria have to have an opening to get into the tree and cause damage so the best way to try to prevent that from happening is to keep the new tree as healthy as possible. This would include things like keeping grass away from the base of the trunk so that lawnmowers and string trimmers can't damage it, proper pruning when needed that will allow the tree to seal over the pruning cuts, and not topping the tree. 

I have included a couple of links below.  The first is a link that has more information about slime flux.  The second is a link with more information on pruning trees. I have also included a link to the USU Tree Browser.  This is an interactive tool that helps you select trees according to your site specifications and personal preferences. By using the drop down menus on the left side you can select the specific criteria you are looking for and the tool will give you a list of trees that match.




Posted on 10 Aug 2009

Heidi Wayman
Horticulture Intern, Salt Lake County

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