I discovered on my peach tree there is a white larvae that has burrowed into the base of the trunk and a sticky peach colored substance is there. The rest of the tree looks healthy, but I only have about five peaches that made it this year. This is the third year for this tree, and when it was only a year oldit produced 35 peaches. Also, there are these black bugs with red heads on the tree that I have never seen before. HELP! I really want to save this tree!



It sounds like your peach tree has greater Peachtree borer.  The larva can be killed by inserting a knife or wire into the empty holes.  I have included a link to a fact sheet that has more information on this insect as well as recommendations for control and management. 


I have also included a link to the sign up page for the Tree Fruit IPM Advisory.  This is a newsletter that is sent out with up to date information on pests and diseases happening in our area as well as recommendations.  These newsletters have a great deal of valuable information and can be a great help in your home orchard. 


As far as the insect goes, it is difficult for me to say for certain what type it is without actually seeing it.  If you could bring a sample into our office at 2001 S. State Street #S2100 we can help you identify it. 

Posted on 23 Jul 2009

Heidi Wayman
Horticulture Intern, Salt Lake County

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