We created square foot gardens last year and have discovered the cat has used them for a litter box over the winter and spring. There isn't a large amount of feces,which we remove, but we are concerned that it may have contaminated the soil. Should we dig it out and start over?



Our literature says that you should not use cat/dog manure in gardens because of the parasites, germs etc. that they can contain.  I called a vet and asked him.  He said that your grow boxes should be Ok .  You have removed the feces and don't need to remove the soil.  He also said that if you put a little liquid Pine Sol in the boxes, the cats don't like it and won't use the spot. You can also cover the grow boxes in the fall with black plastic so the cat can't get in.

Posted on 16 Jul 2009

Pat Fugal
Horticulture Assistant, Master Gardner, Utah County

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