I have a peach tree that has yellow leaves. Some are dark green but most are yellow.The fruit is small. I live in Ceder Valley I have kept an eye out for bugs and water deep evey other week. could it be iron?



If the veins stand out as a little darker than the surounding area then it is iron deficiency.  Zinc deficiency usually goes along with it.  Nitrogen deficiency causes the leaves to look evenly lighter, no darker veins.  If you add iron now, you will notice little if any improvement as the tree takes up most iron as the leaves are first being formed.  The later in the summer, the less good it will do to add iron.  There are iron foliar sprays you can apply that will work this time of year.  They are not long lasting, but will help for now.  Next spring at bud swell, apply chelated iron.  Chelated is formulated to work best in our alkaline soils.

Your tree needs watering more frequently than once every other week.  Don't waterlog the tree, but water it deeply once a week and let the soil dry out on top an inch or so down before you water again.  (I am assuming this is a mature tree, not a young one)

Posted on 16 Jul 2009

Pat Fugal
Horticulture Assistant, Master Gardner, Utah County

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