Our home was built in 1998 and we are the second owners. The first owners landscaped the yard, but didn't consider that the trees, shrubs, etc. would grow. We have trees that were planted too close to the sidewalk and shrubs that were planted too close to the house. They are beautiful, but too close. We also have a large cottonwood tree in the backyard that provides good shade, but its root are now pushing above the ground. I think I know the answer, but is there a good way to redo the landscaping without removing all of the good features at once?



Unfortunately when trees and shrubs are planted to close to buildings, sidewalks, and driveways they can cause problems.  In this situation your options are limited.  You can of course remove the trees and shrubs and then plant in a more appropriate place, or if you are interested in trying to save the trees and shrubs you could contact a certified arborist and speak with them about the possibility of moving the plants.  Below are two links.  The first is called Selecting and Planting Landscape Trees if you decide to remove and replant and the second is a link of certified arborists in our area.



Posted on 15 Jul 2009

Heidi Wayman
Horticulture Intern, Salt Lake County

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