We have several ornamental trees such as flowering pear and cherry, they have holes in the trunk and are weeping in some places.We are trying to save them, we have sprayed them with imidan for a couple years and it has'nt taken care of the problem. It would be horrible if they were destoyed. Do you have any suggestions that would help. We also have several fruit bearing trees that we don't want infested. I understand there is better spray out there but you have to be licensed, I'm not sure how much time these trees have, but we'll do whatever we can.



If you are sure they are borer holes in the trucks, the imidan you have been spraying on them is not the best product for borers.  I would suggest you use something link Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub Insect Control.  It has a systemic insecticide called 'Merit' that should work better for you than the Imidan.  You can find it at most Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes stores.

Most borers are host specific and don't cross over to other trees.  Your best line of defense is to keep your fruit trees healthy and happy and to follow the spray guidelines for fruit tree spraying on our website found at the following link.  http://extension.usu.edu/boxelder/htm/fruit

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Posted on 24 Jun 2009

Heidi Wayman
Horticulture Intern, Salt Lake County

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