I have several burning bushes and every year they start out great in the spring but later spring the leaves turn yellow, I have been adding iron to the soil around them and it seems to help a bit but it still happens every year. Could it be something else?



Without actually seeing your plant it is difficult to say exactly what problem you may be having.  However, if you are adding iron and it is helping then it is most likely iron chlorosis.  Iron chlorosis is a condition that affects some plants because of the high pH of our soils.  Adding chelated iron can help but does need to be done every year.  A quick check to tell if your plant is suffering from iron chlorosis is to take a close look at one of the yellowing leaves. If the leaf part is yellowing but the veins of the leaf are still green then the odds are it is iron chlorosis.  I have included a link below that gives some more information, including pictures, about iron chlorosis.  


If your leaf does not look like what I have described or you are unsure you can bring a sample in to our office at 2001 S. State Street room S1200 for diagnosis. 

Posted on 24 Jun 2009

Heidi Wayman
Horticulture Intern, Salt Lake County

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