How do I keep birds out of my sweet cherry trees?



Keeping birds out of your cherries can be a real challenge. Here are some things that other people have tried with mixed results.
  • Pest Netting - Smaller trees can be wrapped in netting. It is very effective until the tree grows so big that it becomes impractical to cover it.
  • Aluminum Pie tins, shiny mylar strips or other reflective objects on strings - its an old favorite but birds catch on to it pretty quickly. Noise Makers- Anything that is loud and sporadic will startle the birds. This is also a potential problem for your neighbors.
  • Fake Predators - Plastic and blow-up owls and snakes.
Meredith Seaver
Horticulture Assistant
Utah County Extension

Posted on 23 Jun 2009

Adrian Hinton
Horticulture Agent, Utah County

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