My bush beans have holes in some of the leaves. What is causing this? What can I do to fix it?



Several things can make holes in the bean leaves, the most common would be the Mexican bean beetle.  The bean beetle looks like a yellow/tan ladybug with black spots.  Look for the adults as well as the yellow larvae and yellow eggs masses on the undersides of the leaves.  You can smash them or apply a rotenone or pyrethrum dust.  Ask your favorite nursery what they have for the bean beetle.  If you don't see any evidence of the bean beetle, you may have earwigs.  They too will eat the leaves. You don't usually see the earwigs as they feed at night.  The nurseries carry earwig baits.  If you have further questions, you can call us at 851-8462

Posted on 9 Jun 2009

Pat Fugal
Horticulture Assistant, Master Gardner, Utah County

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