Are there master gardeners in the Millcreek Township area?



Master Gardeners are volunteers for the Extension Service.  First started in Washington State University in 1972, Extension Agents trained willing and experienced gardeners who provided education and advice, extending research based science advice to the public.  The Master Gardener program is in every state associated with their land-grant university and Extension Service.  Utah State University Extension began Master Gardener training in the early 1980s based on the model from Washington State.  The Master Gardener Volunteer programs are trained and coordinated by USU Extension county offices.  In Salt Lake County, we have volunteer programs throughout the county, and though we have 200 Master Gardeners on the roster, many of them are "alumnae" who have gone through the training but are no longer actively volunteering.  There are no specific projects in Millcreek and personal information due to privacy issues cannot be release regarding home addresses of Master Gardeners.  Active Master Gardeners volunteer at approved Master Gardener projects.  To see some of these projects, click on this link http://extension.usu.edu/SaltLake/htm/horticulture-gardening/mgprogram/mastergardenerprojects

Master Gardener projects are selected based on the following criteria:
The criteria include:

Educational for Master Gardeners
Educational for Public
Cooperative Partners working together with Master Gardeners
Advancing Utah State University Extension Horticulture Education mission
Providing Service to Salt Lake County communities
Goals of the project meet USU University Extension goals
Sustainable projects that take into consideration, water wise management and Integrated pest management (reduce use of chemicals) 

For general information about the Master Gardener program in Salt Lake County, click on the following link http://extension.usu.edu/SaltLake/htm/horticulture-gardening/mgprogram

Posted on 5 May 2009

Maggie Shao
Horticulture Agent, Salt Lake County

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