Chickens in garden before planting? Good idea? And get them on the lawn to eat any weeds?



Allowing chickens to range around the garden plot is a good idea for the following reasons: 1) they will scratch and loosen the top layer of leaves and debris that has accumulated over the winter and eat larvae and insects they find, and 2) their manure will add nutrients to the soil.


Chickens on the lawn won’t hurt the lawn, but will be of minimal help in weed control. Most weeds that cause trouble in lawns are deep-rooted and perennial. In most instances, the occasional lopping off the top by chickens won’t really help. If you choose to let chickens roam on the lawn, be sure the grass has not recently had herbicides and/or insecticides applied. These may be harmful to the chickens or deposited in eggs that are laid.

Posted on 27 Mar 2009

David Frame
Poultry Specialist

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