I have raspberry plants that have grown to where they will be bearing this summer. And wouldn't you know it, we are moving. I want to dig them up just before we move, say in middle to late February. Can I put them in the same type of packaging they came in when purchased and then plant them in the spring when the ground thaws. Will they still bear fruit this year?



It depends.  You did not mention what variety of raspberries you have.  Some raspberries are June bearing, which means the canes that produce raspberries overwinter.  Everbearing produce two crops in one year and so they canes are pruned differently. So whether or not they will bear fruit depends on what variety you have.  Also after transplanting, it may be too much shock, and plant energy will be directed to reestablishing roots and growing new canes.  Fruit depends on the plant getting enough energy through photosynthesis through the leaves, so fruit will not produce unless the plant is also healthy.  I'm sending you two USU references that may help you.

Pruning Raspberries http://extension.usu.edu/htm/faq/faq_q=284

Red Raspberry Production http://extension.usu.edu/htm/faq/faq_q=284

Posted on 23 Jan 2009

Maggie Shao
Horticulture Agent, Salt Lake County

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