I have an infestation of giant willow aphids. How do I get rid of them? What damage will they do?



These type of aphids often appear in large numbers on twigs, branches, and trunks of willows.  They can deform leaves and make a mess with sticky honeydew.  They can also be a nuisance around homes by collecting on the sides of the house.  One option is a strong spray of water to wash them off.  Insecticidal soap products can sprayed on the aphids but avoid applying this product to windows.  The plant can also be sprayed with horticultural oil.  Another option is to treat the base of the willow or other ornamental plant with imidacloprid insecticide.  This product moves through the plant and kills most plant feeding insects for up to a year.  Do not use this product on edible plants.

Posted on 12 Dec 2008

Shawn Olsen
County Director, Agriculture Davis County

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