I would like to plant some fruit and nut bearing trees to assist us with our food supply. Are there some trees better than others?



Below I have included a list of some of the fruit and nut tree varieties that do well in our area.


Apples: (requires cross-pollination)   

·         Akane

·         Royal Gala

·         Elstar  

·         Jonagold

·         Red Delicious

·         Golden Delicious


·         Chinese

·         Moonpark

·         Perfection


Nectarines (freestone):

·         Red Gold

·         Stark Delicious                       


·         Red Haven

·         Cresthaven

·         Gleason Elberta

·         Angelus

Pears (requires cross-pollination)

·         Bartlett

·         Anjou

Sweet Cherries:

·         Bing

·         Stella  

·         Utah Giant

Filberts(Hazelnuts)  Need 2 varieties for good pollination

·         Longfellow

·         Barcelona

Carpatian English type Walnuts:

·         Hansen




I have also included the link to our website where you can find more information on growing and caring for fruit and nut trees. 



Posted on 8 Dec 2008

Heidi Wayman
Horticulture Intern, Salt Lake County

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