I live in Sanpete county. The winters are very cold and I frequently have winter kill of my roses, and perennials, especially on the South side of the house. Could you give me a basic "Yard & Home Winterization" list of things to do to prevent this and other winter issues?



Most of the winter kill that occurs on the south side of houses is due to rapid changes in temperature. Worming in the afternoon and freezing in the evening. The best thing to do with your shrubs and other plants on the south side of the house is to cover them with leaves in the fall. This will act as an insulator to reduce the rapid changes in temperature. Once the really cold temperature are past in the spring you will need to uncover the plants so they do not begin to rot.

Posted on 5 Dec 2008

Matt Palmer
Ag/4-H Youth Agent, Sanpete County

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