I have a healthy looking aspen tree whose leaves turn brown and fall off in early September without ever turning colors. I live in Midway and Aspens do well here. Do you know the cause and can it be corrected?



Do you notice any leaf spots or "weeping" holes on the trunk?  Are the leaves on the tree very dark brown/almost black? 

How old is the tree?  Aspens typically live about 15-25 years in the landscape.  (In nature, succors are constantly springing up to replace older trees.) 

The easiest way for me to diagnose the problem is if you send clear digital pictures of the leaves, any holes or drainage spots on the trunk, whole tree, and any other distinguishing characteristics. 

Here is a good link about aspen trees from Colorado State University. http://www.ext.colostate.edu/Ptlk/1701.html

Alicia Moulton
USU Extension Ag/4-H
Wasatch County

Posted on 1 Oct 2008

Debbie Proctor
County Director, Family and Consumer Sciences; Wasatch County

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