We have a red Haven peach dwarf peach tree. It is really not growing as tall as advertised. If that is the case and we plant a standard size can we count on it not getting as tall as advertised? What are the best peach trees for Utah. I know our zone Starks have a few trees that are very hardy but they really don't brag about the taste and quality of the peach. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks



There may be many different factors affecting the height of your tree, such as your particular environment, the soil, the sun exposure the tree is getting, or the individual genetics of that particular tree.  Even though your particular tree is not the advertized height you should not count on every tree, especially standard sized trees from not reaching their full height.  When choosing tree varieties and planting locations it is always best to plan on the tree reaching the full height listed. 

The types of peach trees that are recommended for our area are:

Red Haven
Gleason Elberta

Posted on 10 Oct 2008

Heidi Wayman
Horticulture Intern, Salt Lake County

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