Is canning on a ceramic top stove recommended? I just waited one hour for my steam caner to reach a boil sufficient to start timing my peaches. I know you don't recommend steam caners but I've used them for 8 years (on electric and gas stoves) and had no problems. I'm concerned since it took so long to reach a boil that my peaches will be over processed. My stove has worked fine with all other tasks I've done in the past 7 months..this is the first time I've tried to bottle fruit with it. I would love to hear what you think.



Most manufacturers do not recommend using a ceramic cook top for canning.  The size and weight of the pan and extended cooking times can damage the cook top – and may void the warranty if the manufacturer advises against it.  Please double check your use and care book or call the 800 number for the manufacturer for their specific recommendations.  The hour time to come up to temperature will result in an over processed product.

Posted on 26 Sep 2008

Joanne Roueche
Family and Consumer Science Agent, Davis County

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