Some of the bottom leafs on my tomato plants have turned brown and are dying. I have lost one plant and it looks like another may go soon. I am watering three to four times per week and I have been putting a liquid fertilizer on the plants about once a week. Any ideas about what I may be doing wrong?



It sounds like your tomato plants may have some sort of fungal disease.  There have been more of these types of problems this year because of our long wet spring.  At this point there is very little that can be done except to remove and destroy any infected plants.  To try to manage this problem it is recommended that you rotate where you plant your tomatoes as well as using plants that are disease resistant.  Below you will find link with information on growing tomatoes including information on common problems.


Posted on 1 Oct 2008

Heidi Wayman
Horticulture Intern, Salt Lake County

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