Please Help, my blue lake pole beans are not producing like they should, the blossoms are not sticking and those that do have matured into flat stringing beans or Big hard ones with white fuzz around the middle of the seed inside please help me I need my beans.



There are several reasons that your beans may not be producing. 1) If you let your beans mature (the big hard ones you mentioned), the plant will stop making more beans. 2)  If your beans are planted too close together, the production goes way down. 3) Beans prefer temperatures between 70-80.  If the maximum temperature is consistently over 85, the flowers will drop off without setting pods.  Heat can also cause the blossoms to deteriorate on the plant without acturally dropping off.  Hot dry winds also aggravate this situation. 4)Extremes in soil moisture.  Plants growing in soil that is too wet or too dry are stressed by a lack of oxygen and water.  Weakened plants produce few pods the mold on your pods is a fungus.  Fungi often attack weak plant parts, such as blossoms.  Once established on a plant, the disease can spread to healthy plants by wind or splashing water.  Remove and destroy all diseased plants.  Avoid wetting the foliage and do not plant beans in the affected area for 3-4 years.

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Posted on 5 Sep 2008

Pat Fugal
Horticulture Assistant, Master Gardner, Utah County

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