We are putting in a backyard with grass seed instead of sod. I am wondering if we need to add lime to our soil to change the pH and also what types of grass work best in our area. I assume that Kentucky Bluegrass would be best, but should I get a mix or just the Bluegrass? Are certain brands better than others?



Utah soils are already very alkaline.  Adding lime would make it more alkaline, so don't do that.  Make sure that you get rid of all your perennial weeds like bindweed (morning glory), and weed grasses (quack grass) before you seed.  A Kentucky Bluegrass blend is an excellent choice, especially if it will have much traffic (football games, tag, soccer, etc).

If you want to see what some of the different grass varieties look like, go up to the Jordan Water Conservancy District at 8215 So. 1300 W in West Jordan.  They are open 8-8 seven days a week There is no charge.  If you go into the building, you can ask for someone to come and take you on a tour and tell you about the different grasses and their water use.  All of their plants are labelled really well, so take your camera because the labels will show up very readable.

If you have further questions, you can call us at 851-8462

Posted on 5 Sep 2008

Pat Fugal
Horticulture Assistant, Master Gardner, Utah County

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