We want to plant a couple of trees in our front yard that don't get very big (about 10 to 15 feet high). Can you suggest any are not messy and don't send up runners? If you have literature on selecting trees, could you send me a link?



Most trees in the 10-15’ range are going to be the flowering ornamental trees.  Just off the top of my head; Weeping cherries reach 12-18’ tall, Lollipop, and Coralburst are smaller selections of crabapples (with persistent fruit) that will be in the 10-12’ range and have beautiful flowers in the spring, and Big Sis is a smaller purple leaf plum that stays smaller as well.  This is just a short list of possibilities.  I would recommend contacting your local nursery or garden center for some more ideas or please feel free to contact me with any further questions

Posted on 22 Aug 2008

Jaydee Gunnell
Master Gardner and Horticulture Agent, Davis County

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