I have many Chanticleer pear's in my yard. Each year they swarm with Wasps during the day. There are not any nests in them. Is there anything I can do or spray to remove them? They have been swarming many of my Quakies as well. I have read online that it could be from aphids on the trees and the Wasps go after the sugary substance the aphids leave behind. I have noticed on my Quakies that there are small holes on some leaves which might mean aphids, but on the Chanticleer's there are not any holes on the leaves so I don't think aphids would be on those. Please help the wasps are out of control on these trees.



Aphids attack many ornamental trees, like Flowering Pear and Quaking Aspen.  They have a piercing, sucking mouth part and “tap” into the leaves to get their food.  The sticky substance is called honeydew and is the excrement from the aphids feeding.  Ants and wasps are attracted to the honeydew and are often attracted to the sticky leaves.  To remedy the problem, a good hard stream of water will typically knock the aphids off the leaves and remove the source of attraction to the other pests.  Insecticidal soap may also be used to control aphid outbreaks.  These soft bodied insects rarely cause any permanent damage to the trees so pesticides are typically not recommended for control.


Posted on 22 Aug 2008

Jaydee Gunnell
Master Gardner and Horticulture Agent, Davis County

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