I have red raspberries that produced very well this year. But now the old canes have turned yellow, brown and crispy. Is this normal or do I have a virus in them? Do I prune out old canes now or in the spring? And can I transplant starts to a new patch or should I buy new plants?



  Regarding your question about raspberries…Raspberries have biennial canes, which means they grow vegetative one year and will produce raspberries the next year.  Once they have produced fruit the canes die.  There is nothing wrong with your raspberries, you just need to prune out the canes that have produced.  This can be done after the harvest or in the early spring.  As for using transplants…I recommend that you purchase certified virus free stock.  After a while older raspberry patches can build up viruses

Posted on 6 Aug 2008

Jaydee Gunnell
Master Gardner and Horticulture Agent, Davis County

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