I have a raised bed garden using the square foot gardening method and I'm not having much luck. It seems like I have to water daily. Is it possible that my garden can get too much sun?



I'm not sure why your raised bed is having problems. Vegetables prefer to grow in full sun.  Raised beds are hotter than others because they absorb the sun through the sides as well as through the top of the soil.  If the sides of your raised bed are made of dark material, or are covered with black plaastic, it would absorb the heat and make it dry out quicker.  If it is made entirely of artificial soil (peatmoss, vermiculite, perlite etc), then you would have good drainage, maybe a little too good.  If the water is running through so  much that you have to water daily, it is also leaching out the nutrients which you have added.  You could try mulching the grow box to slow down evaporation and keep it a little cooler.
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Posted on 8 Aug 2008

Pat Fugal
Horticulture Assistant, Master Gardner, Utah County

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