I live in Bloomington Just south of Saint George, Utah. About a week ago I noticed hundreds of little greenish/yellowish flying bugs. Like I said they have been here about a week and they are not going away. I have lived in the area for about six years now and have never seen them before. Do you have any idea what they are and how I can control them? Regards Randy



From you description, it sounds like you are describing the Tamarisk Beetle. This insect has been released in our area and encouraged, in an effort to control the Tamarisk (as a biological control). You are probably familiar with Tamarisk. It is a non-native tree that has taken over a lot of our “Riparian” areas near stream banks, etc. It takes a lot of our water from these areas and clutters the stream banks. They have also been responsible for wildfires in the county.

I do not suggest controlling them, but rather let them eat the tamarisk leaves. They have not been shown in 10 years of trials, which have been conducted, to feed on any species other than Tamarisk.

Posted on 6 Aug 2008

Rick Heflebower
Horticulture Agent, Washington County

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