We want to grow aspen and scrub oak on our property. Can we transplant, if so how and when? Or do we need to grow from seeds? How often to water if we grow from seeds?



Don't try to grow the aspen from seed -- possible but tough. You could collect acorns this fall, plant them in a garden bed in the fall (about an inch or two deep; mark where they are); then transpplant them next spring when they come up. To get viable acorns, remove the caps and float them; plant those that sink; avoid acorns with small weevil holes in them. Water to keep the seeds or new seedlings moist; don't let them dry out.

If you have oak or aspen sprouts you can dig up and move that could work; either do it in early fall or next spring. Dig around a good, healthy sprout & move a gallon- or two-sized clump of soil and roots. Heal it in well in a hole in the new location.

Do not try to do any of this in the summer with leaves on.

Posted on 4 Aug 2008

Michael Kuhns
Forestry Specialist

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